PNKF Iaido Shimpan Seminar and Taikai

Everett Kendo and Iaido Club and AiShinKai invite you to the first annual PNKF Iaido Shinpan Seminar and “Suigetsu Bowl” Iaido Challenge Taikai.

Shinpan Seminar is FREE thanks to generous sponsorship from the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation! Taikai will feature team and individual competition for mudan to nidan ranks. Higher dans are invited to practice shinpan skills during the tournament. Prizes donated by the Pacific Northwest Budo Association include the perpetual “Suigetsu Bowl” for team competition, first, second, and third place; individual prizes for mudansha, shodan and nidan, spirit awards for mudansha and yudansha, and special awards for youth. The “AiShinKai Cup” is a new perpetual trophy commemorating the founding of the AiShinKai dojo in 2010. It will be awarded to the top performer in the individual competition. Let’s have some fun!

An updated, revised event brochure is available for download here.

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