About Iaido

The Relevance of Swordsmanship in the Modern World

Iaidō is a noncombative Japanese martial discipline that emphasizes quickly drawing a Japanese sword to smoothly respond to a sudden attack.  Iaido and its relative Kendo are highly regarded in Japan as traditional disciplines that pass down the spiritual heritage of that country’s swordsmen.  Iaido is a martial discipline of the highest order, requiring mental alertness and self-control.  Practice is devoted primarily to solo techniques that cultivate mind, body, and spirit in equal measure and lead to the discovery of “a live worth living.”  While the techniques of Iaido offer elegant solutions to combative situations, our goal is the discovery of Katsu-jinken, the sword that gives life.  Literally, this means to seize the initiative in a contest to the death; however, it also means to use the sword to polish and perfect human character.  Practitioners strive to master ego, train the body, and forge the spirit.  One of the highest objectives of modern Iaido is the realization of Ki-Ken-Tai-Ichi, the unity of Spirit, Sword, and Body.  Iaido practitioners strive to live with dignity and calmness, and use the techniques of quick-draw swordsmanship to cultivate self-mastery.  This is the relevance of sword disciplines in the modern age.  If you are interested in Japanese culture and history, are looking for a martial art that you can practice for the rest of your life, or are simply fascinated by the Japanese sword (katana), contact one of the many clubs practicing this gorgeous art in the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation.  We’d be delighted to meet you and help you achieve your goals.  See below, or look here: www.pnkf.org/dojo-list/.

PNKF Iaido Committee

Iaido practice in our region is supported by the non-profit Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation.  For information about Iaido activities, events, and training opportunities in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska, contact the PNKF Iaido Committee.