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Volume 29, number 1/2/3

January/February/March 2015


  1. Mar 28, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  2. Mar 28, Shinsa-In Workshop, Sat, 9am-4pm, Sno-King. Learn the skills to improve being an
    examiner for Shinsa. Cost is FREE. Conducted by Jeffrey Marsten.

  3. Apr 4, PNKF Shinpan Seminar, 1-5pm, open keiko 5-6pm, Kent.
  4. Apr 11, UW Taikai, Sat, 10am, IMA.
  5. Apr 28, Cherry Blossom, Sat, TBA.
  6. May 9, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  7. May 16, Bellevue Junior Taikai, Sat, 9:30am-3pm.
  8. Jun 13, Rose City Taikai, Sat, doors open 9am, check-in closes 10am, opening ceremonies 10:15am, PCC Cascade Campus, 705 N. Killingsworth, Portland.
  9. Jun 26/27/28, 8th US Nito Kendo Seminar, Fri/Sat/Sun TVCC Ontario, Oregon.
  10. Jul 11, Kodansha Kendo Skill Seminar, Sat, open to 3-5 Dan participants, with focus on performing skills
    needed for higher Dan Kendo in preparation for testing, taught by Jeffrey Marsten and Robert Stroud.

  11. Jul 18, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  12. Aug 8, PNKF Shinsa, Sat, Iaido 9am-12noon; Kendo 12:30-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent.
  13. Sep 19, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  14. Sep 26/27, PNKF Iaido Seminar, Sat/Sun, Rain City Fencing, 1776 136th Place NE, Bellevue.
  15. Oct 3, PNKF Shinpan Seminar, 12noon-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent.
  16. Oct 17, Tacoma Taikai, Sat, 10am-4pm, TBA.
  17. Nov 7, PNKF Taikai, Sat, 9:30am, Kent.
  18. Nov 21, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  19. Dec 12, Kent Taikai, Sat, report time 9am, start 9:30am, Kent.


  1. Apr 11/12, AUSKF Board, Sat/Sun, Denver.
  2. Apr 17/18/19, Nabeshima Cup, Fri/Sat/Sun, Episcopal School, Dallas.
  3. May 27/28/29/30/Jun 1, 16WKC, Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon, Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan.
  4. Jun 18/19/20/21/22, AUSKF Iaido and Jodo Seminar, Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun, San Jose City College.
  5. Aug 1/2, 5th AUSKF Junior Open National Championships and Youth Seminar, Sat/Sun, Huntington Beach, California, with surprise special guest. Sat, Aug 1: Championships; Sun, Aug 2: Junior Kendo Camp. Huntington Beach, California.
  6. Nov 14/15, AUSKF Board, Sat/Sun, TBD.


Non-Bogu                          0-3 Kyu
1st place - Spencer Myrtle, SFU   1st place - David Yun, UW
2nd place - Angela Law, UBC       2nd place - James Borchers, UW

2 Kyu and Above
1st place - Ryota Kuki, UBC
2nd place - Masumitsu Sawaoka, SFU 
3rd place - John Magaling, SFU
3rd place - Michael Sean, SFU

1st place - UW A (V.Le, B.Lin, E.DeJong, T.Tagami, C.Blomquist)
2nd place - SFU (J.Ching, M.Sean, C.Cheng, M.Sawaoka, B.Hsu)

Ted Davis Fighting Spirit Award - John Magaling, SFU

53rd ANNUAL STEVESTON KENDO TOURNAMENT – February 14, 2015, McMath High School

10 Years and Under                  11 to 13 Years                       14 to 15 Years
1st place - T. Ariga, Butokuden     1st place - K. Sakumo, Renbu         1st place - E. Lee, Renbu
2nd place - C. Robillard, Steveston 2nd place - R. Kim, Renbu            2nd place - K. Toyokawa, Tacoma
3rd place - A. Ito, Steveston       3rd place - B. Park, Bellevue        3rd place - O. Jeong, Kogakukan
3rd place - R. Nakano, Steveston    3rd place - M. Fukuoka, Tozenji      3rd place - A. Nagasawa, Bellevue

Non-Degree 0-4 Kyu                  Non-Degree 1-3 Kyu                   Ladies 1 Dan and Under
1st place - E. Yamashita, Seattle   1st place - H. Shim, Renbu           1st place - J. DeJong, Highline
2nd place - J. Borchers, UW         2nd place - T. McManus, Kent         2nd place - Y. Kim, Renbu
3rd place - O. Young, Renbu         3rd place - J. Ching, SFU            3rd place - C. Cheng, SFU
3rd place - YA Chen, UBC            3rd place - C. Chan, UW              3rd place - Y. Takamizawa, UVic

Ladies 2 Dan and Over               1-2 Dan                              3 Dan
1st place - J. Kurahashi, Renbu     1st place - G. Mizutani, Renbu       1st place - T. Hamanaka, Tozenji
2nd place - A. Sugiyama, Ontario    2nd place - J. Stelck, Edmonton      2nd place - R. Asato, Vancouver
2nd place - R. Nakamura, UVic       3rd place - S. O'Sullivan, Steveston 3rd place - V. Vulfson, Northwest
3rd place - J. Chen, Sno-King       3rd place - C. Ruiz, Spokane         3rd place - A. Lee, Vancouver

4 Dan and Above
1st place - D. Ara, Renbu
2nd place - T. Ariga, Butokuden
3rd place - S. Kamata, Ontario
3rd place - R. Tamaru, Ontario

Junior Team                                        Senior Team
1st place - Renbu A (H.Chun, K.Sakumo,             1st place - Team Canada Men (T.Hamanaka, T.Yamada,
              I.Kim, E.Lee, R.Kim )                              R.Tamaru, M.Raymond, S. Kamata)
2nd place - Bellevue (B.Park, K.McManus,           2nd place - Team BC (A.Asato, A.Lee,
              M.Blechschmidt, A.Nagasawa, M.Ohata)               T.Okitsu, E.Kita, S.Jung)
3rd place - Renbu B (K.Squance, Y.Lee,             3rd place - Steveston A (S.O'Sullivan, B.Chung,
              I.Fujita, M.Homma, E.Fujita)                       N.Nakano, T.Kondo, I.Takagaki)
3rd place - Tozenji (N.Kono, A.Shimizu             3rd place - Team Canada Ladies (MS.Ma, A.Sugiyama,
              M.Fukuoka, K.Kono, S.Takahashi)                    J.Kurahashi, H.Yamada, A.Fukushima)

Sportsmanship Pledge - Diane Wang       Consul General of Japan S. Okada Trophy - tbd


Mudansha                             Yudansha
1st place - JW Chen, Bellevue        1st place - B. Lin, UW
2nd place - C. Ogier, UW             2nd place - M. DeJong, Highline
3rd place - E. Lam, Everett          3rd place - V. Le, UW
3rd place - A. Miller, Portland      3rd place - S. Stern, RenMa
4th place - V. DeBellis, Portland
4th place - C. Chan, UW
4th place - A. Law, Sno-King
4th place - D. McLean, Portland

1st place - UW, 51 points   2nd place - Portland, 29 points   3rd place - Bellevue, 24 points

Highline Ki Award = Outstanding spirit leader - Brian McCarry
Voted in by membership and only given out sparingly


1st place - NYU A (HSKim, A.Feng, C.Smith, T.Whetten, SHChoi)
2nd place - UCLA A (A.Tseng, H.Miyawaki, H.Choi, J.Song, J.Chan)
3rd place - UW (V.Le, B.Lin, E.DeJong, C.Blomquist, T.Tagami)
3rd place - UCSB A (J.Leung, R.Urai, D.Williams, R.Ichimura, D.Shimokawa)

1st place - Naonori Suto, UCSD
2nd place - Damian Williams, UCSB
3rd place - Philip Kwon, Bergen CC
3rd place - Viet Nguyen, UCSD


10 and Under                               11 to 13 Years
1st place - E. Kim, SCKF Torrance          1st place - P. Ikeda, NCKF San Mateo
2nd place - J. Huang, NCKF San Jose        2nd place - N. Suzuki, SCKF Costa Mesa
3rd place - M. Hong, NCKF Salinas          3rd place - B. Hur, SCKF Torrance
3rd place - N. Yu, SCKF Covina             3rd place - E. Chen, NCKF San Jose

14 to 17 Years                             Adult Kyu
1st place - E. Offutt, SCKF Sho Tokyo      1st place - N. Dyer, NCKF Salinas
2nd place - K. Tohmon, NCKF Palo Alto      2nd place - J. Chung, SCKF OCB
3rd place - M. Sugiyama, SCKF Sho Tokyo    3rd place - D. Goleta, NCKF Oakland
3rd place - K. Roberts, NCKF San Francisco 3rd place - E. Choi, SCKF Torrance

Women                                      1-2 Dan
1st place - K. Kikunaga, NCKF San Jose     1st place - D. Kumagai, SCKF Torrance
2nd place - E. Kim, SCKF Gedatsu           2nd place - K. Mizobe, SCKF Sho Tokyo
3rd place - E. Takami, NCKF Berkeley       3rd place - S. Park, NCKF San Jose
3rd place - S. Domen, SCKF Norwalk         3rd place - M. Uto, NCKF Salinas

3-4 Dan                                    5 Dan and Above
1st place - J. Hatakeyama, SCKF Torrance   1st place - J. Brown, SCKF Torrance
2nd place - K. Umeda, NCKF San Jose        2nd place - H. Ichimura, NCKF Palo Alto
3rd place - Y. Hamamura, SCKF Norwalk      3rd place - E. Anderson, SCKF Sho Tokyo
3rd place - B. Joo, NCKF San Jose

Seniors                                    Kantosho
1st place - M. Harada, NCKF San Mateo      Youth - S. Tada, Sho Tokyo
2nd place - A. Mizunoue, NCKF Oakland      Women - A. Dong, SCKF Costa Mesa
3rd place - K. Lee, SCKF Chuo              Yudansha - K. Chiba, NCKF San Jose
3rd place - C. Park, NCKF San Jose

Youth Team won by SCKF                 Women Team won by SCKF
Kodansha Team won by SCKF              Yudansha Team won by NCKF


Yosuke Joe Maita

One of the earliest members of the PNKF, dating back to the days when it was known as the Washington
State Kendo Federation, Kendo 4th Dan Yosuke Joe Maita, passed away peacefully in South Bend, Washington, on
December 11, 2014. Born April 28, 1933 in Tokyo to Yoshiji and Kimi Maita, the third of six children, he
received his bachelor’s degree at Hokkaido University, and went on to grad school as a first officer on the
training ship Oshoromaru. In 1959 he accepted a job working for his relative Jerry Yamashita in Purdy,
Washingon. On February 17, 1969 he married Mariko Maeshima. After working in Purdy for twelve years, he
moved to Coast Seafood Company in Quicene, famous for oysters, and later was promoted to the main office in
South Bend. Well-known in the Ki Aikido community and a close personal friend and avid golfing buddy of the
great Yoshihiko Hirata Sensei, the direct student of Morihei Ueshiba and Shinichi Suzuki, Maita Sensei
memorably showed up on August 23, 1980 with daughter Chris and her little boys at a large Aikido seminar at
Ford Worden Port Townsend. All the spouse kenshi could enjoy a good tough keiko with him. He played golf
daily regardless of the weather at the Willapa Harbor Golf Course, and it was here that the celebration of
his life was held on January 10, 2015. Our deepest condolences to his wife Mariko, daughter Chris, son
Sidney, grandchildren, two younger sisters, one younger brother, and large extended family.

Arthur Ichiro Murakami

The PNKF lost a loyal and devoted friend and faithful supporter when Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan and Iaido 6th
Dan Arthur Ichiro Murakami passed away peacefully on January 14, 2015. Born December 23, 1929 in Long Beach,
California, to Nisei parents Kazuo Harvey Murakami and Yomiko Inouye Murakami, in 1935 he moved to his
grandparents’ vineyard in Florin, and in 1937 to Lomita. His Kendo career began in 1937 when his Grandfather
Kato took him to study with Takeno Sensei at Redondo Beach. In February 1941 he became a rare Sansei Kibei,
when his grandparents took him to Hiroshima for school, along with his brother Toshio Eugene and cousin Sayoko Lois Yagi, where he attended Noboricho Grammar School
and Koryo High School, while continuing his Kendo.

On August 6, 1945, his brother was in the mountains with his schoolmates, but Murakami Sensei had been
left back at the school in Ujina because he’d stepped on a nail the day before. He was about 2.5 miles from
ground zero when he saw the atomic bomb drop. The blast blew him through an open door, and that’s what
saved him. A building collapsed on Sayoko, but she was rescued too. The grandparents passed away later from
radiation poisoning.

Meantime, the parents were interned in a series of relocation camps, and on May 8, 1947 the three
children arrived back in the US. He attended high school, and graduated from East LA Junior College. On
June 24, 1949, he volunteered for the US Army, and served as a combat medic in the Korean War, continuing
after the war in the 155 Station Hospital in Yokohama, and it was here that he met his wife Lena Hisako
Takahashi, and they married June 1, 1953.

Due to Kendo being prohibited following World War Two, Murakami Sensei practiced Judo and Karate until
invited back to the re-started Kendo by Yutaka Kubota Sensei in 1960, and there at Denker Playground he had
the immense good fortune to become a student of the great Torao Mori Sensei who profoundly influenced his
Kendo from then on. In 1965 Murakami Sensei joined the SCKF, was treasurer for 19 years, then Vice
President, and President, serving on the board continuously for 50 years. He has also been the AUSKF Vice
President of Promotion and Examinations, and President 2006 through 2008, in 2009 honored by the FIK as Vice
President of the America Zone, in which capacity he cheerfully traveled all over the hemisphere.

Much loved and cherished in the Korean community because of his service in the Korean War, his outreach
in greater LA to the Korean Kumdo clubs and members has been a huge service to the entire Kendo community.
He always attended the large festive annual Gwangbokjeol picnic celebrating Korea’s liberation from the
Japanese, and was highly honored there, proudly wearing his Korean War Veteran caps.

Closer to home for us, the PNKF frequently benefitted from his special commitment to Iaido, as well as
Kendo, of course, as he visited here often to encourage us. Our deepest condolences to his wife Hisako,
daughter Julia Mitsuko, son Timothy Kazuo and wife Norma, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and large
extended family.


PNNF NAGINATA SHINSA, February 7, 2015, Mercer Island Community Center

5TH KYU: Andrew Chor (PNNF). 4TH KYU: Jonathan Chan (PNNF). 3RD KYU: Kristin Wyatt (PNNF). 2ND
Michelle You (PNNF). 1ST KYU: Nell Shamrell-Harrington (PNNF), Akane Yoshikawa (PNNF),
Kyoko Yoshikawa (PNNF).

PNKF IAIDO SHINSA, February 28, 2015, Tyee Educational Complex, SeaTac

3RD KYU: Callie Anderson
(Everett), Thane Mittelstadt (AiShinKai), Victor Whitman (Seattle). 2ND KYU: Lora Berger (RMKIF), Stuart
Hagler (Obukan), Robert Neff (Tonbo). 1ST KYU: Francis Maier (Everett). 2ND DAN: Benjamin Cassel
(RenMa), Anh Trieu (AiShinKai), Masami Hill (Tonbo), Ryuichi Shimizu (Seattle). 3RD DAN: Matthew Gaylord

PNKF KENDO SHINSA, February 28, 2015, Tyee Educational Complex, SeaTac

5TH KYU: Ffion Mabale
(Seattle), Eugene Kim (Seattle), Isabella Lee (Federal Way), Nagato Orita (Seattle) 4TH KYU: Kasey Kitchel
(Sno-King), Simon Lee (Federal Way), Josh Kim (Federal Way), Kendall Foley (Sno-King), Catherine Park (Bellevue),
Brandon Nguyen (Northwest). 3RD KYU: Jonah Redaja (Edmonds), Vashon Kirkman (Edmonds), Spencer Kua (UW),
Carlos Matutes (Idaho), Phong Nguyen (Northwest), William Simpson (Obukan), Nik Pershing (UW), Rick Shibata (UW),
Hien Nguyen (Edmonds), Tyler Yamashita (Seattle), David Nash (Edmonds), Yinghe Chen (UW), James Borchers (UW),
Rahul Devanarayanan (UW), Stephen Ting (Northwest), Michael Ciesielski (Spokane). 2ND KYU: Maya Blechschmidt
(Bellevue), Soo-Hyung Kim (Seattle), Max Miller (Spokane), Dylan Monaco (OSU), Yuriko Lee (Obukan), Fritz Borchardt
(Edmonds), Addison Knappett (OSU), Peter Palmer (Northwest). 1ST KYU: Soohmin Lee (Bellevue), Andrew Yuen
(Seattle), Leo Shibata (Bellevue), Chris Mackay (Alaska), Corey Chan (UW), Brandon Sweezea (Northwest), Isaac Deal
(Spokane), Murray Bratland (Bellevue), Trinh Ho (Northwest) 1ST DAN: Keeley McManus (Kent), Jane Higa
(Bellevue), David Altug (UW), Kenneth Gordon (Obukan), Kevin Tsang (UW), Nathan McRae (Spokane), Jacob Huegel
(OSU), Van Le (UW), Terry McManus (Kent). 2ND DAN: Dan Park (Bellevue), Tiarnan Marsten (Kent), Rio
Takayanagi (Obukan), Jennifer DeJong (Highline), Connor Blomquist (UW). 3RD DAN: Erica DeJong (UW), Melanie
DeJong (Highline), Shuhei Nakagawa (Idaho), Chris Ruiz (Spokane), Takao Yamashita (Seattle).


Conversation was also interspersed with questions about my progress in school, comments about weddings
and funerals in Wahiawa, and sometimes my family. “Your mother understands more than she realizes about
Kendo,” he commented, and then chuckled and added, “more than you know about it, yet.” I’d be incredulous,
but did not dare question or contradict him. “Just look at her flower arrangements, her sewing or her quiet
performance of the tea ceremony. She performs the tea ceremony as if it is the last thing she will do in
this life; extending hospitality to another person is a particular occasion never to recur in one’s
lifetime, so she attempts to make the occasion perfect. Notice her tranquility and stillness in the midst of
all of you children. Then you’ll see.” This was his explanation, but I didn’t see, and Miura Sensei had
neither a wife or children. Nonetheless, I’d nod agreement, long ago having abandoned doubting him. I did
pay more attention to my mother, too, admiring her calm attention to every detail in our household. Perhaps,
she, too, was a master, I thought after Miura Sensei told me the story of a tea ceremony master who was
challenged by a Samurai to a sword duel.

–Rod Nobuto Omoto,
edited by Charlotte Omoto, 2014, p. 13. Available as free download at

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Tom Bolling, Editor – 7318 23rd Avenue N.E., Seattle, WA 98115

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