Kenyu – April/May 2015

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Volume 29, number 4/5

April/May 2015


  1. Jun 13, Rose City Taikai, Sat, doors open 9am, check-in closes 10am, opening ceremonies 10:15am, PCC Cascade Campus, 705 N.
    Killingsworth, Portland.

  2. Jun 26/27/28, 8th US Nito Kendo Seminar, Fri/Sat/Sun TVCC Ontario, Oregon.
  3. Jul 18, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  4. Aug 8, PNKF Shinsa, Sat, Iaido 9am-12noon; Kendo 12:30-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent.
  5. Sep 19, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  6. Sep 26/27, PNKF Iaido Seminar, Sat/Sun, Rain City Fencing, 1776 136th Place NE, Bellevue.
  7. Oct 3, PNKF Shinpan Seminar, 12noon-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent.
  8. Oct 17, Tacoma Taikai, Sat, 10am-4pm, TBA.
  9. Nov 7, PNKF Taikai, Sat, 9:30am, Kent.
  10. Nov 21, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  11. Dec 12, Kent Taikai, Sat, report time 9am, start 9:30am, Kent.


  1. May 27/28/29/30/Jun 1, 16WKC, Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon, Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan.
  2. Jun 18/19/20/21/22, AUSKF Iaido and Jodo Seminar, Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun, San Jose City College.
  3. Jun 28, Leeward Oahu Kendo Tournament, Sun, Mililani.
  4. Jul 11, Kendo Skill Seminar, NOTE: REGISTRATION CLOSED AS OF JULY 5 – NO FURTHER PARTICIPANTS ACCEPTED. Sat, 9am-3pm, open to 3-5 Dan participants, with focus on performing skills needed for higher Dan Kendo in preparation for testing, taught by Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan Robert Stroud, Tatsuhiko Konno, and Jeff Marsten.
  5. Aug 1/2, 5th AUSKF Junior Open National Championships and Youth Seminar, Sat/Sun, with surprise special
    guest. Sat, Aug 1: Championships; Sun, Aug 2: Junior Kendo Camp; Huntington Beach, California.

  6. Nov 14/15, AUSKF Board, Sat/Sun, TBD.

5th AUSKF JUNIOR OPEN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS AND YOUTH SEMINAR – August 1 and 2, 2015, Huntington Beach, California

The PNKF will support any member kenshi age 18 and younger to attend this event, and will cover registration fees, lunches, plus $250.00
each toward travel and lodging. Dates: August 1st (tournament) and 2nd (seminar). Individual Divisions: 9 and younger, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15,
16-18, 13-under girls, 14-18 girls. Team Divisions, Two Teams per Federation per division: 5-person Boys Mixed-age Team, 3-person Girls Team,
3-person Youth Team.


Women's Open                           3 Dan
1st place - W. Robillard, Steveston    1st place - R. Asato, Vancouver
2nd place - H. Yamada, Vancouver       2nd place - A. Lee, Vancouver
3rd place - E. Marsten, Highline       3rd place - S. Day, Kent
3rd place - M. Oya, Northwest          3rd place - E. DeJong, UW

0-4 Kyu                                1-3 Kyu
1st place - B. Valdez-Cruz, Northwest  1st place - JW Chen, Bellevue
2nd place - G. Vielhaber, Portland     2nd place - J. Borchers, UW
3rd place - J. Kim, OSU                3rd place - J. Sipko, Bellevue
3rd place - E. Lee, Obukan             3rd place - H. Shim, Renbu

1-2 Dan                                4 Dan
1st place - L. Oka, Tozenji            1st place - N. Nakano, Steveston
2nd place - S. O'Sullivan, Steveston   2nd place - G. Suzaka, Seattle
3rd place - M. Oya, Northwest          3rd place - J. Kurahashi, Renbu
3rd place - G. Mizutani, Renbu         3rd place - T. Yamada, Vancouver

1st place - Vancouver (A.Lee, T.Yamada, R.Asato, H.Yamada, A.Fukushima)
2nd place - Portland (J.Croes, A.Miller, J.Lee, S.Choi, N.Cook)

Taikai Chair - Erica DeJong
Head Shinpan - Jeffrey Marsten
Sportsmanship Pledge - Ted Tagami
UW Most Improved - Ted Tagami
Kazuo and Tomo Shoji Inspirational Award - Van Le and Ted Tagami

15th NABESHIMA CUP TAIKAI and 9th TEXAS OPEN TAIKAI – April 18, 2015, Episcopal School, Dallas

Youth Division (10-16)                 Mudansha Division (1 Kyu and below)
1st place - Aiden Norris, Omaha        1st place - Sangki Lee, DFWKIK
2nd place - Roman Spanke, Omaha        2nd place - Izogbu Wells, Houston Budokan
3rd place - Matthew Tesch, Bushinkan   3rd place - Toan Nguyen, HKK
3rd place - Sol Joanne Hong, DFWKIK    3rd place - Peter Shih, DFWKIK
 Kantosho - Elaine Fu, Cougar           Kantosho - David Choe, HKK 
                                                   Margaruite Nixon, Cougar

Women's Division (3 Dan and below)     Yudansha Division (3 Dan and below)
1st place - Noelle Grimes, Sno-King    1st place - Victor Koh, Atlanta
2nd place - Alexandra Darrah, HKK      2nd place - Takuro Yamaoka, Bushinkan
3rd place - Keeley McManus, Kent       3rd place - Masumi Koyama, Cougar
3rd place - Mi Ryang Moon, Omaha       3rd place - Thor Metzinger, Ito
 Kantosho - Jennyrayne Colangan, DFWKIK Kantosho - David Yao, Steveston
            Shamina Kerstein, Cougar               Allan Azurin, Cougar

9th Texas Open (4 Dan and above)
1st place - Kenichi Hatakeyama, Baylor
2nd place - Michio Kajitani, Arkansas
3rd place - Makiko Adachi, HKK
3rd place - Hiro Kimura, HKK
 Kantosho - Makiko Adachi, HKK

50th ANNUAL VANCOUVER KENDO TOURNAMENT – May 2, 2015, Byrne Creek Secondary School

9 Years and Under                  10 to 12 Years                       13 to 15 Years
1st place - H. Homma, Renbu        1st place - A. Shimizu, Tozenji      1st place - K. Muramatsu, Steveston
2nd place - Y. Lee, Renbu          2nd place - M. Fukuoka, Tozenji      2nd place - S. Ito, Steveston
3rd place - R. Nakano, Steveston   3rd place - H. Asaoka, Youshinkan    3rd place - K. Darbyshire, Vancouver
3rd place - K. Yoshimura, Renbu    3rd place - C. Robillard, Steveston  3rd place - I. Kim, Renbu

16 to 20 Years                     21 to 30 Years                       31 to 40 Years
1st place - T. Okitsu, Tozenji     1st place - SJ Lee, Central          1st place - T. Yamada, Vancouver
2nd place - R. Asato, Vancouver    2nd place - R. Kuki, UBC             2nd place - G. Suzaka, Seattle
3rd place - L. Oka, Tozenji        3rd place - G. Mizutani, Renbu       3rd place - T. Nakamura, Youshinkan
3rd place - H. Shim, Renbu         3rd place - E. Kita, Renbu           3rd place - J. Chien, Youshinkan

41 Years and Over                    Women
1st place - M. Hasegawa, Renfrew   1st place - A. Fukushima, Vancouver
2nd place - Y. Row, Steveston      2nd place - J. Kurahashi, Renbu
3rd place - J. Schmidt, Vancouver  3rd place - M. Kobayashi, U Vic
3rd place - Y. Komukai, Vancouver  3rd place - K. Leung, UBC

Junior Team
1st place - Tozenji (N.Kono, M.Fukuoka, A.Shimizu, K.Kono, S.Takahashi)
2nd place - Renbu A (R.Kim, H.Chun, E.Lee, E.Fujita, I.Kim)

Senior Team
1st place - Vancouver (R.Asato, T.Yamada, SHJung, A.Lee, A.Fukushima)
2nd place - Central (M.Park, YSChoi, SJLee, D.Hong, HKRyoo)

Sportsmanship Pledge - K. Darbyshire       Spirit Awards - L. Takahae, Steveston
                                                           K. Kono, Tozenji

25th ANNUAL BELLEVUE JUNIOR TAIKAI – May 16, 2015, Bellevue

10 Years and Under                 11 to 12 Years                       13 to 14 Years
1st place - K. Campbell, Sno-King  1st place - D. Hyun, Bellevue        1st place - B. Park, Bellevue
2nd place - E. Sugimoto, Kent      2nd place - J. Kim, Federal Way      2nd place - H. Kim, Bellevue
3rd place - N. Quiraga, Bellevue   3rd place - J. Shim, Obukan          3rd place - D. Lin, Bellevue
3rd place - E. Kim, Seattle        3th place - K. Underhill, Northwest  3rd place - M. Ohata, Bellevue

High School Girls                  High School Boys
1st place - M. DeJong, Highline    1st place - T. Marsten, Kent
2nd place - K. McManus, Kent       2nd place - A. Nagasawa, Bellevue
3rd place - J. DeJong, Highline    3rd place - A. Kanemasu, Kent
3rd place - J. Higa, Bellevue      3rd place - K. Toyokawa, Tacoma

Junior Team
1st place - Bellevue Red (D.Hyun, B.Park, H.Kim, L.Shibata, D. Lin)
2nd place - Bellevue White (C.Park, A.Mooko, L.Ohata, F.Yang, M.Ohata)

High School Team
1st place - Highline (J.DeJong, D.Imanishi, M.DeJong)
2nd place - Bellevue Red (JWChen, A.Hyun, B.Liao)

Head Shinpan - David Yotsuuye; Taikai Chair - CJ Chaney; National Anthem - Joe Yang, trumpet; Competitors' Pledge - 
Andrew Nagasawa; 
Awesome Spirit Award - Josh Kim, Federal Way;  Centurion Bellevue Highline Sno-King Youth Leadership Award - Jane Higa



RENSHI: Kurt Schmucker (PNNF).


The tea master approached another Samurai to help him in this predicament. The Samurai told him that he was not a sword fighter, but a
great master of the tea ceremony. “Therefore, you cannot challenge this Samurai with sword technique. Use what you know best to meet the
challenge. Draw you sword, face your opponent directly, slowly close your eyes, pull your sword high above your head with both hands, and act
as though your opponent is your guest of honor in your tea ceremony. Wait until you feel something cold come down on you. That’s when you
bring down your sword.” The tea master did exactly what he was told and waited for a long time, but nothing cold came down on him. Slowly, he
opened his eyes. To his surprise, he saw the challenging Samurai squatting down with his sword in front of him, bowing and apologizing for his
past rude behavior.
There was never a sense of lecture nor did I take notes. He was never critical, and I never felt embarrassed. “Concentration is
necessary,” he might comment, but would never mention that at the previous practice I had been distracted and had wavered as I cut, my shinai
twisting so that I missed my target by at least six inches. He would question me at times, especially when I felt discouraged. “What are you
doing Kendo for? The sport, or your father, or..?” But he never pressed for an answer. This was for me to contemplate.
–Rod Nobuto Omoto,
edited by Charlotte Omoto, 2014, p. 13. Available as free download at

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