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Volume 29, number 6/7

June/July 2015


  1. Jul 18, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  2. Aug 8, PNKF Shinsa, Sat, Iaido 9am-12noon; Kendo 12:30-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent.
  3. Sep 19, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  4. Sep 26/27, PNKF Iaido Seminar, Sat/Sun, Rain City Fencing, 1776 136th Place NE, Bellevue.
  5. Oct 3, PNKF Shinpan Seminar, 12noon-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent.
  6. Oct 17, Tacoma Taikai, Sat, 10am-4pm, TBA.
  7. Nov 7, PNKF Taikai, Sat, 9:30am, Kent.
  8. Nov 21, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  9. Dec 12, Kent Taikai, Sat, report time 9am, start 9:30am, Kent.


  1. Jul 18, Colorado Jodo Seminar, led by James Maestas, Naoki Tamesue, and Tom Groendal, on ZNKR Seitei Jodo
    up to Ikkyu level, Boulder, Colorado.

  2. Jul 24/25/25, AUSKF Kendo Summer Camp and Kodansha Shinsa, Fri/Sat/Sun, featuring Kendo Hanshi 8th Dan Shigeki Yamanaka, and Kendo Kyoshi 8th Dan Hiroshi Ozawa, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas. Camp fee $70, Sat/Sun breakfast and lunch $8.5o per meal, dinner available Fri/Sat $8.50 per meal, Saturday Banquet $35 at Fox and Hound Bar and Grill.
  3. Aug 1/2, 5th AUSKF Junior Open National Championships and Youth Seminar, Sat/Sun, with surprise special
    guest. Sat, Aug 1: Championships; Sun, Aug 2: Junior Kendo Camp; Huntington Beach, California.

  4. Aug 18, CKF Western Jodo Shinsa, Royal Oak Community Church, Burnaby, BC.
  5. Nov 14/15, AUSKF Board, Sat/Sun, TBD.


Akinobu (Aki) Yotsuuye.

On June 19, 2015, the PNKF lost its great friend and photographic chronicler when Akinobu Yotsuuye passed away from complications
following a fall. Born December 25, 1923 in Ehime-ken Japan, Mr. Yotsuuye had come to Washington as an infant with his parents.
Their farm near Fife and Wapato Creek was known as Brookville Gardens, and this is where he grew up and worked almost all his life.
During World War II the family was interned at Minidoka, where they also worked hard in farming, famously saving the harvest of the
sugar beet crop. Thanks to a kindly neighbor, they did not lose the farm, and were able to return when the war ended. In 1955 Aki
married Chizuko Yasuda, and they had four children, David (wife Kathy), Gene (wife Nancy Martella), Vicki (husband Curtis Marsten), and
Wayne (wife Dawn). In 1967 Boy Scout Troop 115 at Tacoma Buddhist Temple began a project of studying the basics of Kendo, emphasizing
the spiritual aspect, to demonstrate at Scout-O-Rama, under the direction of Rod Nobuto Omoto, who had received his training at Budo
Semmon Gakko. He was assisted by Mas Tanabe and Yosh Tanabe, and this project was documented photographically by Mr. Yotsuuye. It
also evolved into the current Tacoma Kendo and Iaido Club (since October 1987 no longer sponsored by the Temple), including their first
tournament in 1970. Meanwhile, Kendo was proliferating generally, and Mr. Yotsuuye committed himself to thoroughly and meticulously
recording all the developments with his cameras, the early tournaments, the emergence of the Kendo Club at UW in 1972, the formation of
the WSKF (now PNKF) in 1975, and so on down to the present. He leaves us an immense pictorial legacy of our region’s post-war Kendo
history. Two of his children, David and Vicki, have become major pillars of PNKF Kendo, and all four of his grandchildren, Ashley
(husband Alec Boehmer) and Brandon Yotsuuye, and Conor and Tiarnan Marsten, have studied Kendo, with Conor and Tiarnan continuing
currently as prominent champion kenshi. Services were June 28 at the Tacoma Buddhist Temple. Our deepest condolences to his wife
Chizuko and his brother Tada (wife Yoshie), all the family, and numerous friends.

5th AUSKF JUNIOR OPEN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS AND YOUTH SEMINAR – August 1/2, 2015, Huntington Beach, California.

The PNKF will support any member kenshi age 18 and younger to attend this event, and will cover registration fees, lunches, plus
$250.00 each toward travel and lodging. Dates: August 1st (tournament) and 2nd (seminar). Individual Divisions: 9 and younger, 10-11,
12-13, 14-15, 16-18, 13-under girls, 14-18 girls. Team Divisions, Two Teams per Federation per division: 5-person Boys Mixed-age Team,
3-person Girls Team, 3-person Youth Team.

16th WORLD KENDO CHAMPIONSHIPS – May 29,30,31 2015, Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan.

Men Individuals
1st place - Tadakatsu Amishiro, Japan
2nd place - Yuya Takenouchi, Japan
3rd place - Man Uk Jang, Korea
3rd place - Hidehisa Nishimura, Japan
 Fighting Spirit
 Jonathan Bertout, France               Krzysztof Bosak, Poland
 Fabrizio Mandia, Italy                 Christopher Yang, USA
 Giuseppe Gianetto, Italy               Jin Yong Jo, Korea
 Ryo Murase, Japan                      Sandor Dubi, Hungary

Women Individuals
1st place - Mizuki Matsumoto, Japan
2nd place - Yun Yung Hu, Korea
3rd place - Bo Kyung Won, Korea
3rd place - Yukiko Takami, Japan
 Fighting Spirit
 Roxine Kubo-Nakamoto, Hawaii           Akie Tayama, Japan
 Hwa Yeong, Korea                       Fleur Smout, Netherlands
 Sayo Vanderwoude, Netherlands          Hanaca Yamada, Canada
 Mana Kawagoe, Japan                    Nishiki Sano, USA

Women Teams
1st place - Japan (Yoko Sakuma, Moeko Takahashi, Tai Watanabe, Mariko Yamamoto, Mizuki Matsumoto)
2nd place - Korea (Sun A Jung, Yun Yung Hu, Min Ji Cha, Bo Kyung Won, Seung Hee Kim)
3rd place - USA (Esther Kim, Yuri Kil, Nishiki Sano, Sumi Domen, Kaori Kikunaga)
3rd place - Brazil (Aline Lie Kimura, Cristiane Lie Toide, Marcia Miyuki Hayashi, Eliete Harumi Y. Takashina,
                    Elzami Miwa Onaka)
 Fighting Spirit
 Mizuki Matsumoto, Japan                Elzami Miwa Onaka, Brazil
 Stella Wong, Singapore                 Serena Ricciuti, Italy
 Bree Yang, Canada                      Safiyah Fadai, Germany
 Nishiki Sano, USA                      Yun Yung Hu, Korea

Men Teams
1st place - Japan (Yuya Takenouchi, Yosuke Katsumi, Masahiro Shodai, Sho Ando, Ryoichi Uchimura)
2nd place - Korea (Man Uk Jang, Jin Yong Jo, Byung Hoon Park, Je Min Yu, Kang Ho Lee)
3rd place - USA (Sandip Ghodgaonkar, Daniel Yang, Simon Yoo, Brandon Harada, Christopher Yang)
3rd place - Hungary (Akos Szegofi, Attila Dubi, Gabor Babos, Balazs Toth, Sandor Dubi)
 Fighting Spirit
 Sho Ando, Japan                        Christopher Yang, USA
 Alberto Masumi Takayama, Brazil        Chung-Yang Chang, Chinese Taipei
 Xuan Chen, China                       Guillermo Flores, Mexico
 Akos Szegofi, Hungary                  Kang Ho Lee, Korea

2015 ROSE CITY TAIKAI – June 13, 2015, Portland Community College Cascade Campus

Women                                  Juniors 12 and Below
1st place - A. Nakayama, Obukan        1st place - J. Shim, Obukan
2nd place - E. DeJong, UW              2nd place - K. Underhill, Northwest
3rd place - E. Marsten, Highline       3rd place - J. Kim, Federal Way
3rd place - J. Frazier-Day, Kent       3rd place - B. Choi, Kogakukan

Senior Dan                             Juniors 13-15
1st place - C. Marsten, Kent           1st place - K. McManus, Kent
2nd place - D. Yotsuuye, Bellevue      2nd place - O. Jeong, Kogakukan
3rd place - H. Iba, Bellevue           3rd place - E. Choi, Kogakukan
3rd place - T. McManus, Kent           3rd place - K. Underhill, Northwest

3 Kyu and Below                        2 Kyu and 1 Kyu
1st place - T. Yamashita, Seattle      1st place - J. Yamauchi, Cascade
2nd place - J. Wigant, Portland        2nd place - C. Chan, UW
3rd place - L. Le, UW                  3rd place - A. Miller, Portland
3rd place - C. Bailey, Portland        3rd place - A. Kanemasu, Kent

1 Dan and 2 Dan                        3 Dan and Above
1st place - J. DeJong, Highline        1st place - S. Choi, Portland
2nd place - T. Imanishi, Cascade       2nd place - A. Yen, Seattle
3rd place - E. Hashimoto, Northwest    3rd place - A. Melton, Spokane
3rd place - B. Lin, UW                 3rd place - C. Ruiz, Spokane

Junior Team
1st place - Federal Way (J. Kim, D. Lee, K. McManus)
2nd place - Northwest (B. Underhill, T. Miyamoto, E. Underhill)
3rd place - Cascade A (H. Jang, K. Fukuda, JY Lee)
3rd place - Obukan A (J. Shim, Shota Wetlesen, Shun Wetlesen)

Adult Team
1st place - Highline (J. DeJong, S. Smith, F. Wessbecher, E. Marsten, C. Chaney)
2nd place - Obukan A (G. Nakayama, J. Chen, N. Holtorf, J. Mapp, A. Nakayama)
3rd place - Spokane A (C. Ruiz, W. Kuster, M. Wolf, W. Sinclair, A. Melton)
3rd place - Portland A (J. Croes, N. Cook, A. Miller, C. Bailey, S. Choi)

AUSKF 2015 IAIDO CHAMPIONSHIP – June 20, 2015, San Jose City College

0-2 Kyu                                 Murakami Cup 1 Kyu and 1 Dan
1st place - Zachary Park, KenBuKan      1st place - Allen Smith, Mushinkan
2nd place - Ben Sardinas, South Florida 2nd place - Rodney Castillo, South Florida
3rd place - SangKi Lee, DFWKIK          3rd place - Steven Touchi, Rancho Cordova
3rd place - Sean Zhu, DFWKIK            3rd place - Korhan Tekkin, Norwalk
 Kantosho - Keita Tanabe, Salinas        Kantosho - Pedro Sors, South Florida

Murosako Cup 2 Dan and 3 Dan            Yamaguchi Cup 4 Dan and Above
1st place - Takanori Furuta, Itto Kai   1st place - Paul Shin, Shidogakuin
2nd place - Tomoyuki Hirasawa, DFWKIK   2nd place - Susan Sekreta, Ken Zen
3rd place - Yuko Nishida, Shidogakuin   3rd place - Jason Hankins, ZenBuKan
3rd place - Sergey Zalubovsky, Mountain View 3rd place - Terry Fukui, Ken Zen
 Kantosho - Ahn Trieu, AiShinKai         Kantosho - Monica Iwakabe, Rocky Mountain

6th US NAGINATA CHAMPIONSHIP – June 20, 2015, McGill University, Montreal

1st place - Ai Ajiki and Misaki Nukii, Japan
2nd place - Miyo Inoue and Seishi Sakai, Japan
3rd place - Axel Noorman and Faye Noorman, Netherlands

Individual Women                     Individual Men
1st place - Hasumi Hayashida, Japan  1st place - Kosuke Tanaka, Japan
2nd place - Ai Ajiki, Japan          2nd place - Francois Dermine, Belgium
3rd place - Misaki Nukii, Japan      3rd place - Hirotaka Kato, Japan

Team Women
1st place - Japan (Misaki Nukuu, Miyo Inouye, Hasumi Hayashida)
2nd place - USA (Kei Tsukamaki, Shannon Lew, Kelsey Shamrell-Harrington)
3rd place - France (Amadine Babule, Sophie Schmitz, Chloe Bellec)

Team Men
1st place - Japan (Kosuke Tanaka, Seishi Sakaki, Satsuki Sahashi)
2nd place - Belgium (David D'hose, Tyl Dermine, Francois Dermine)
3rd place - Canada (Antoine Fromentin, Daniel Bouchard, Tomas Almonte)

LEEWARD OAHU KENDO TOURNAMENT – June 28, 2015, Mililani District Park Gym

Yonenbu 11 Years and Under                     Shonenbu 12-14 Years
1st place - Brandon Matsumoto, Kenshikan       1st place - Go Hayakawa, Aiea Taiheiji
2nd place - Zachary Yamamoto, Waipahu Seibukan 2nd place - Shoshi Hashimoto, Wahiawa
3rd place - Trinity Kishimoto, Mililani        3rd place - Orion Kishimoto, Mililani
3rd place - Caden Matsumoto, Kenshikan         3rd place - Kano Hashimoto, Wahiawa

Seinenbu                                       Yudansha 1-2 Dan
1st place - Matthew Takemoto, Hawaii Daijingu  1st place - Kevin Chun, Kenshikan
2nd place - Gavin Mata, Hilo Hongwanji         2nd place - Kenton Chun, Mililani
3rd place - John Pitts, Ainakoa Shiseikan      3rd place - Grant Oliver, Kenshikan
3rd place - Skye Nakayama, Kenshikan           3rd place - Gary Komenaka, Ainakoa Shiseikan

Women's Mudansha                               Women's Yudansha
1st place - Katsumi Takemoto, Hawaii Daijingu  1st place - Rina Ono Brown, Mililani
                                               2nd place - Megan Watanabe, Waipahu Seibukan

Yudansha 3-4 Dan                               Yudansha Masters 3 Dan and Above Over 45 Years of Age
1st place - Chris Goodin, Aiea Taiheiji        1st place - Garrett Matsumoto, Kenshikan
2nd place - Braxton Fukutomi, Aiea Taiheiji    2nd place - Tusha Buntin, Wahiawa
3rd place - Yusuke Masumo, Mililani            3rd place - Kojun Hashimoto, Wahiawa
3rd place - Gregory Gates, Aiea Taiheiji       3rd place - Marvin Acklin, Wahiawa

Yudansha 5 Dan and Above
1st place - Hyun Kim, Kenshikan
2nd place - Andy Fujimoto, Mililani

Team                                           Parents/Kids Team
1st place - Mililani                           Parents - 2
2nd place - Kenshikan                          Kids - 4

James Oka Kantosho Fighting Spirit Award - Nicklas Matsumoto, Kenshikan


AJKF KENDO SHINSA, May 17, 2015, Biwajima Sport Center, Nagoya

6TH DAN: Tomoko Suzuki (Youshinkan).

IKF KENDO SHINSA, June 1, 2015, Olympic Youth Centre, Tokyo

5TH DAN: Lunwei Zhang (China). 6TH DAN:
Blake Bennett (New Zealand), Seth Harris (Hawaii), Sue Lytollis (New Zealand), Grant Matsubayashi (Hawaii), Christopher Wong
{Malaysia). 7TH DAN: Graham Sayer (New Zealand), Buster Sefor (South Africa).

AUSKF IAIDO SHINSA, June 21, 2915, San Jose, California

Keita Tanabe. 3RD KYU: Angela Gibson, Gina Konstantopoulos. 2ND KYU: Noriko Ambe, Jim
Chandler (ZenBuKan), Jordy Davis (ZenBuKan), Sangki Lee (DFWKIK), Ashley Moore (DFWKIK), Celeste Rosell (ZenBuKan), Denise Verastigue
(DFWKIK), Sean Zhu (DFWKIK). 1ST KYU: Derek Kordash, Zachary Park (ZenBuKan), Benjamin Sardinas (SFKC). 1ST
Frank Campione, Ahmed Gaballa ElSayed, Alec Milton, Allen Smith, Korhan Tekin. 2ND DAN: Pedro Batista, Frank
Burke, Pamela Carlson (DFWKIK), Rodney Castillo (SFKC), Michael Sareyani, Pedro Sors (SFKC), Steven Touchi (NCKF), Jeremy
Wong. 3RD DAN: Terry Sewell (DFWKIK), Kimiye Touchi (NCKF), Edward Vierk, Yoshimasa Watanabe. 4TH DAN:
Brian Beckford, David Chiu (Simon Frazer U), Hiroaki Fukumoto (PNKF), Takanori Furuta, Tomoyuki Hirasawa (DFWKIK). 5TH
David Cooper (DFWKIK), Monica Iwakabe (Rocky Mountain).


I graduated from Leilehua High School in l938. I had achieved the rank of 2nd Dan, which was a considerable achievement for my
age, but by then I knew there was so much more to learn. The discipline of Kendo had the physically demanding practice sessions, but I
had finally realized, as Miura Sensei had told me from the beginning, that the real discipline was of myself, to temper and refine my
spirit. Although I had won tournaments in Oahu and had once, in 1934, traveled to Hilo on the Big Island with Miura Sensei to
participate in a tournament, I felt that my skills were strong, but my character was far from the ideal of the Bushi, the feudal
samurai warrior of Japan. Bushido, the Way of the Warrior, stresses kindness and benevolence as well as courage. I trained hard yet
reflected on my progress. Was I benevolent or courageous? I didn’t think so. My mind was definitely not quiet, and my pride and ego,
punctured any thoughts of humility. I certainly never considered death as a serious threat, and the concept of Bushido as “the resolute
acceptance of death” was a recitation for my head but not something I could relate to. No one wants to die, and when Miura Sensei told
me that the Way of the Warrior is death, it seemed an arcane thought relevant to feudal Japan but of little consequence in the fragrant
Hawaiian countryside alive with the aloha spirit of hospitality and sharing. But I had not discussed or questioned these statements. I
accepted on the authority of Miura Sensei that if I applied myself, someday I, too, would understand. Mostly, however, I was a
happy-go-lucky Hawaiian teenager and thought I knew everything I needed. To understand the Way of the Warrior and concepts of Bushido
was not my primary goal.

–Rod Nobuto Omoto,
edited by Charlotte Omoto, 2014, p. 18. Available as free download at

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