2015 February PNKF Shinsa

To: PNKF Member Clubs

Subject: Kendo and Iaido Shinkyu Shinsa Application

Date: Feb 28, 2015

Location: Odyssey at Tyee Educational Complex (formerly Tyee High School) 4424 S. 188th Street, SeaTac, WA

Iaido: The Iaido Shinkyu Shinsa and Seminar for 2 Dan and below will be held Saturday, Feb 28th, 2014, 9:00am-12:00pm. Schedule for Iaido to be determined. You should plan to attend entire time if taking Iaido exam.

Kendo: The Kendo Shinkyu Shinsa, for 4 Dan and below, will be held Saturday, Feb. 28th. Registration/Check in will begin at 11:30am. All participants should be changed and ready to begin at 12:30pm sharp.


Federation Membership: All applicants must be current 2014 AUSKF and PNKF member or register for 2015. If you have not registered your member, please send membership information and fees to PNKF Treasurer, Brian Blomquist. The PNKF/AUSKF dues should be sent before or the same time as the Shinsa applications. Please submit dues for those applying for Shinsa so that their membership can be confirmed. The AUSKF Membership number must be included on the application form. If it is a new member, write “NEW” on the form.

Shinsa Application: Please complete the application form / forms for your dojo members and return by email (spreadsheet) and hard copy, with fees, using the undersigned address with all applicable fees paid in advance payable to “Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation”. Please note that separate forms must be submitted for Iaido and Kendo.

Special requirements for 4th Dan applicants. Please note that the completed “Shinpan Credits” form must accompany the paper work for any 4th Dan candidates. For additional details please see the web site at:

Application Deadline: February 15th, 2015
Fees and application must be received by this date. The emailed file is not a substitute for submitting fees and hard copy by application deadline. Please be sure to e-mail be the Excel spreadsheet so that the data can be copied and pasted. NO PDF files.

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