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Volume 30, number 4/5/6

April/May/June 2016


July 2016

  • 7/9-15: North American Women’s Seminar, Sat thru Fri, Broadview-Thompson Elementary School
    East Gym/Bitter Lake Community Center Annex, 13052 Greenwood Ave N., Seattle.

  • 7/16: 6th PNKF North American Women’s Kendo Taikai, Sat, 9am, Renton Community Center,
    1715 SE Maple Valley Highway, Renton.

  • 7/22-29: AJKF Foreign Leaders’ Seminar, Fri/Fri, Kitamoto, Japan.
  • 7/23: PNKF Board, Sat, 9-11am, Seattle location, 4001 Aurora Avenue N., Seattle 98103.

August 2016

  • 8/13: PNKF Shinsa, Sat, Iaido 9am-12noon; Kendo 12:30-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent Commons Recreation Center, 525
    4th Avenue N. (corner of 4th and James St.) Kent.

  • 8/13-14: AJKF/CKF Jodo Seminar and Shinsa, Sat/Sun, time and location TBD, Vancouver BC.
  • 8/19-21: 2016 AUSKF Summer Camp, Fri-Sun, special guests and location TBD, Northern

September 2016

  • 9/17: PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent Commons Recreation Center, 525 4th Avenue N. (corner of
    4th & James St.) Kent.

  • CANCELED 9/23-25: PNKF Iaido Seminar, Fri/Sat/Sun.CANCELED
    • CANCELEDRain City Fencing, 1776 136th Place NE, Bellevue. Teachers: Iaido Kyoshi 8th Dan Hideo
      Noguchi; and
      Iaido Kyoshi 7th Dan Shigehiro Aoki and Kaoru Suzuki. Schedule: Fri, 7-9pm Jodo/Iaido; Sat, 9am-5pm
      Iaido; Sun 9am-12noon Iaido Tournament; 1-5pm Iaido. CANCELED

October 2016

  • 10/1: PNKF Shinpan Seminar, CANCELED.
  • 10/15-16: AUSKF Shinpan Seminar, Sat/Sun, Odyssey at Tyee Educational Complex
    4424 S. 188th Street, SeaTac, Washington.

  • 10/22: Tacoma Taikai
    • 9:30am Opening Ceremonies (doors open at 8:30am), Curtis High School, 8425 40th Street
      West, University Place, WA 98466.

November 2016

  • 11/5: PNKF Taikai, Sat, 9:30am, Kent Commons Recreation Center, 525 4th Avenue N. (corner
    of 4th & James St.) Kent.

  • 11/12: PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent Commons Recreation Center, 525 4th Avenue N. (corner
    of 4th & James St.) Kent.

  • 11/12-13: AUSKF Board, Sat/Sun, TBD.
  • 11/19: Tonbo ZenKenIai Seminar Sat, 9am-5pm, followed by Sayonara Dinner. Teachers: Iaido Renshi 7th Dan Pam Parker, Iaido 6th Dan Susan Sekreta, and Iaido 5th Dan Jason Hankins. Location: Sheridan Community Center, 680 Lebo Blvd., Bremerton, WA, 98310. Transport from the ferry terminal to the venue will be available for free. Price and details TBD.

December 2016

  • 12/10: Kent Taikai, Sat, report time 9am, start 9:30am, Kent Commons Recreation Center,
    525 4th Avenue N. (corner of 4th & James St.) Kent.

January 2017

  • 1/7-8: Boise State University Iaido Seminar & Shinsa “Kokusai Budo Daigakku, Kazuhisa Kaneda Iaido Seminar”, Sat/Sun, KANEDA Kazuhisa sensei, Iaido Kyoshi 8 Dan, Instructor at International Budo University in Katsuura Japan, 8 time All Japan Iaido National Champion, Author of “Iai no Kihon” (Iai Basics) Book and DVD set I II & III, Boise State University, Rec Center Main Gym, 1515 University Drive, Boise Idaho 83725.
    • 1/7: 10am-5pm.
    • 1/8: 10am-3pm
    • 1/8: Iaido Shinsa testing up through 3rd Dan, Sun, 9-10am, open to PNKF members, AUSKF members, and FIK affiliates.

June 2017

  • 6/21-25: 2017 AUSKF National Championships Preliminary Information, Wed-Sun, Independence High School, San Jose, California.
    • 6/21 Manager/Referee Meetings, Wed.
    • 6/22 Junior Open National Championships, Thu.
    • 6/23-25 AUSKF National Championships, Fri-Sun.

September 2018

  • 9/14-16: 17WKC, Fri/Sat/Sun, Seoul, Korea.


In the morning of June 20, 2016, one of the key contributors to the resurgence of post-War American Kendo, Kendo
and Iaido Kyoshi 7th Dan Pat Yoshitsugu Murosako,
passed away at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, Washington, not far
from Serene Garden, the care center where he had been living. Born January 2, 1921 to Kisayo Kanemitsu and Kaichi Murosako
in Fresno, California, he began training in Kendo with his father, and with Nakamura Tokichi Sensei, and was granted
Shodan in 1938. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, all West Coast Kendo teachers, including his father, were immediately
rounded up and sent to Federal prison, since they were obvious community leaders, and suspected of being Japanese agents
or spies. Murosako Sensei headed east to get out of the Pacific military zone. At Fort Sheridan, Illinois, he was inducted
into Army intelligence, and served in MIS, specializing in topography. As the War ended, he served in the occupation
forces in Japan, and was awarded the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal. At the June 2012 AUSKF Iaido Seminar, Mark Uchida
Sensei delivered Murosako Sensei’s Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian award that can be bestowed by the United
States. The medal had been presented to the Nisei vets in a November 2, 2011 White House ceremony presided over by House
Speaker John Boehner. On June 29, 1952 Murosako Sensei married Susie Shizue Omura, who recently passed away February 6,
2007 from a disastrous fall on the icy front step of their beautiful woodland home. They are survived by one son, James
Kazuo Murosako, born June 11, 1956. With the end of the War, Murosako Sensei had turned to the field of art, which he
studied formally, then becoming an art director with a prominent Los Angeles ad agency. He became an active participant in
the formation of the Kendo Federation of the USA, and the Southern California Kendo Federation. He was intimately involved
with the profound argument between high-rankers which led to the split in American Kendo, followed by the birth of the
All-US Kendo Federation. Many of his intricate and beautiful Federation artwork designs for logos, tenugui, trophies, and
posters are still popular, as are his fabulous styrofoam sculptures. A trueborn artist in multiple media, Murosako Sensei
had a beautiful tenor singing voice, and could sit down at the grand piano in his livingroom and accompany himself with
great elan. Over his career he founded several Dojo, including Pasadena Buddhist Temple Kendo Club, Meadowbrook, and
Musokai. He was tough and uncompromising, almost harsh, in his approach to teaching both Kendo and Iaido, yet
compassionate and sentimental, almost tender, to a fault, and always very, very affectionate. “Did D. injure your leg?”
“Yes. I did ashi-barai on him, and it worked! But unfortunately he fell down on top of me… heh,heh,heh!” He overcame
many serious health afflictions, including Parkinson’s and cancer, and almost died June 12, 2007 from a massive dissecting
descending aortic aneurism. “They were weak… wimpy! I was showing them how to put power into each cut… then I felt
like somebody kicked me in the back!” Given only hours to live, he was rescued by a courageous young surgeon who tried a
long-shot surgical approach with about a 90% chance the patient would not survive. Sensei calmly said “Thank you very
much, yes please,” and once again came back from near death. The PNKF, the AUSKF, and the FIK have lost one of the
authentic tough-guy kenshi of legend. We who have known him may feel incredibly privileged, and eager to see him again,
Over There.


Women's                                0-4 Kyu
1st place - J. DeJong, HLN             1st place - M. Eum, UW
2nd place - B. Lin, UW                 2nd place - A. Yorita, UW
3rd place - M. Suzuki, Sno-King        3rd place - N. Macias, UW
3rd place - J. Higa, Bellevue          3rd place - T. Okamura, Bellevue

3-1 Kyu                                1-2 Dan
1st place - C. Capoeman, Tacoma        1st place - B. Liao, Bellevue
2nd place - T. Yamashita, Seattle      2nd place - J. Yamauchi, Cascade
3rd place - V. DeBellis, Obukan        3rd place - J. Ohara, UBC
3rd place - B. Valdez-Cruz, Northwest  3rd place - A. Sinclair, Spokane

3 Dan                                  4 Dan and Above
1st place - T. Okitsu, Tozenji         1st place - T. Hamanaka, Tozenji
2nd place - E. DeJong, UW              2nd place - S. Asaoka, Youshinkan
3rd place - E. Christianson, Edmonds   3rd place - N. Nakano, Steveston
3rd place - J. Okada, Cascade          3rd place - G. Suzaka, Seattle

1st place - Steveston (S.O'Sullivan, D.Yao, I.Takagaki, N.Nakano, E.Hung)
2nd place - Kent (T.Marsten, I.Morgan, C.Marsten, J.Frazier-Day, S.Day)

Taikai Chair - Erica DeJong
Head Shinpan - Jeffrey Marsten
Sportsmanship Pledge - Corey Chan
UW Most Improved - Spencer Kua
Kazuo and Tomo Shoji Inspirational Award - Corey Chan

ITO TSUTOMU CUP – April 30, 2016, Standley Lake High School, Westminster, Colorado

Women's Division  
1st place - Houston Kendo Kyokai A (Lucy Tan, Alexandra Darrah, Makiko Adachi)
2nd place - Kent (Keeley McManus, Janell Frazier-Day, Vicki Marsten)
3rd place - Bellevue-Highline-Sno-King (Bernice Lin, Erica DeJong, Andrea Kayser)
3rd place - Dallas A (Jennyrayne Colangan, Denise Verastigue, Noemi Arnal)

5-Person Teams Division
1st place - Kent (Ian Morgan, Tiarnan Marsten, Janell Frazier-Day, Terry McManus, Conor Marsten)
2nd place - Arkansas (Amer Mujakic, Jonah Wu, Michiaki Imamura, An Giang, Michio Kajitani)
3rd place - Houston Kendo Kyokai  (Makiko Adachi, Alexandra Darrah, Rocky Hui, Lucy Tan, Prudence Sheng-Yi)
3rd place - Dallas A (Zachary Gonzales, Noemi Arnal, Reggie Solitano, Adria Navarro Martin, Masayuki Mizuuchi)

Ito Cup team = Sean DeBlieck, CJ Chaney, Noelle Grimes, Bernice Lin, Erica DeJong

26th ANNUAL BELLEVUE JUNIOR TAIKAI – May 21, 2016, Bellevue

10 Years and Under                 11 to 12 Years                       13 to 14 Years
1st place - H. Koob, Bellevue      1st place - B. Underhill, Northwest  1st place - B. Park, Bellevue
2nd place - A. Mabale, Seattle     2nd place - J. Kim, Federal Way      2nd place - E. Underhill, Northwest
3rd place - N. Chu, Bellevue       3rd place - M. Tawara, Bellevue      3rd place - T. Koob, Bellevue
3rd place - T. Yuen, Seattle       3th place - L. Ohata, Bellevue       3rd place - M. Ohata, Bellevue

High School Girls                     High School Boys
1st place - J. DeJong, Highline       1st place - T. Marsten, Kent
2nd place - J. Higa, Bellevue         2nd place - B. Liao, Bellevue
3rd place - K. McManus, Kent          3rd place - A. Yuen, Seattle
3rd place - M. Blechschmidt, Bellevue 3rd place - A. Nagasawa, Bellevue

Junior Teams
1st place - Cascade White (H.Honda, D.Chung, H.Jang, K.Fukuda, S.Terao)
2nd place - Obukan (L.Jesequel, M.Gyldersleve, W.Langford, T.Langford, S.Wetlesen)

High School Teams
1st place - Bellevue White (A.Nagasawa, A.Kojima, B.Liao)
2nd place - Kent (K.McManus, T.Marsten)

Head Shinpan - Harry Samkange; Taikai Co-Chairs - Allison Kojima, Betty Park, and Jane Higa; National 
Anthem - Maya Blechschmidt; Competitors' Pledge - Allison Kojima; Master of Ceremonies - CJ Chaney; 
Awesome Spirit Award - Andrew Nagasawa, Bellevue;  Centurion Bellevue Highline Sno-King Youth Leadership 
Award - Jennifer DeJong, Highline.

51st ANNUAL VANCOUVER KENDO TOURNAMENT – May 28, 2016, Byrne Creek Secondary School

9 Years and Under                  10 to 12 Years                       13 to 15 Years
1st place - K. Yoshimura, Renbu    1st place - L. Shiomi, SFU           1st place - K. Muramatsu, Renfrew
2nd place - D. Gardner, UVic       2nd place - B. Miki, Steveston       2nd place - R. Kim, Renbu
3rd place - D. Buckham, UVic       3rd place - A. Ito, Steveston        3rd place - E. Lee, Renbu
3rd place - E. Majewski, UVic      3rd place - C. Robillard, Steveston  3rd place - E. Chui, Steveston

16 to 20 Years                     21 to 30 Years                       31 to 40 Years
1st place - A. Lee, Vancouver      1st place - T. Hamanaka, Tozenji     1st place  T. Yamada, Vancouver
2nd place - M. Sawaoka, SFU        2nd place - T. Kabata, Renbu         2nd place  D. Yao, Steveston
3rd place - H. Shim, Renbu         3rd place - R. Asato, Vancouver      3rd place  K. Kobayashi, Youshinkan
3rd place - T. Okitsu, Tozenji     3rd place - K. Takeuch, Youshinkan   3rd place  M. Rose, Renfrew

41 Years and Over                    Women
1st place - S. Asaoka, Youshinkan    1st place - J. Kurahashi, Renbu
2nd place - I. Miki, Steveston       2nd place - Ha Yamada, Vancouver
3rd place - Hi Yamada, Vancouver     3rd place - N. Fukushima, Vancouver
3rd place - J. Schmidt, Vancouver    3rd place - K. Keung, UBC

Junior Team                          Senior Team
1st place - Renbu A                  1st place - Vancouver
2nd place - Tozenji                  2nd place - Steveston

Fighting Spirit Awards - K. Squance, Renbu and D. Chiu, SFU

2016 ROSE CITY TAIKAI June 11, 2016, Portland Community College Cascade Campus

Women                                  Juniors 12 and Below
1st place - N. Grimes, Sno-King        1st place - J. Shim, Obukan
2nd place - T. Imanishi, Cascade       2nd place - B. Underhill, Northwest
3rd place - R. Wakasaki, Obukan        3rd place - J. Lee, Cascade
3rd place - J. Frazier-Day, Kent       3rd place - D. Han, Kogakukan

Juniors 13-15                          3 Kyu and Below
1st place - A. Yuen, Seattle           1st place - C. Pak, Portland
2nd place - E. Underhill, Northwest    2nd place - S. Wetlesen, Obukan
3rd place - K. Fukuda, Cascade         3rd place - G. Wroblewski, Bellevue
3rd place - T. Miyamoto, Northwest     3rd place - B. Sprenger, Obukan

2 Kyu and 1 Kyu                        1 Dan and 2 Dan
1st place - M. Blechschmidt, Bellevue  1st place - J. Lee, Portland
2nd place - O. Jeong, Kogakukan        2nd place - J. Croes, Portland
3rd place - A. Kojima, Bellevue        3rd place - H. Park, OSU
3rd place - S. Ting, Northwest         3rd place - N. Cook, Portland

3 Dan and Above                        Senior Dan
1st place - B. Imanishi, Cascade       1st place - R. Elliott, Highline
2nd place - N. Grimes, Sno-King        2nd place - M. Nakamura, Obukan
3rd place - A. Yen, Seattle            3rd place - H. Iba, Bellevue
3rd place - L. Tsybert, Bellevue       3rd place - H. Fukumoto, Seattle

Junior Team
1st place - Seattle (Y.Wakasaki, Alec Yuen, An Yuen)
2nd place - Obukan A (J.Shim, T.Langford, S.Wetlesen)
3rd place - Northwest A (B.Underhill, N.Underhill, E.Underhill)
3rd place - Cascade A (H.Jang, JY Lee, K.Fukuda)

Adult Team
1st place - Portland A (J.Lee, J.Croes, G.Nakayama, A.Nakayama, S.Choi)
2nd place - Kent (I.Morgan, V.Marsten, J.Frazier-Day, T.Marsten, S.Day)
3rd place - Obukan A (V.Le, K.Gordon, R.Wakasaki, N.Holtorf, M.Nakamura)
3rd place - Sno-King (S.DeBlieck, A.Zee, N.Grimes, R.Elliott, N.Tang)

5th AUSKF JUNIOR OPEN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – June 25, 2016, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti

9 and Under Boys                       10-11 Boys
1st place - Taiyo Ariga, SCKO          1st place - Akira Fujiwara, SCKO
2nd place - Takahide Katayama, ECUSKF  2nd place - McCartney Hong, NCKF
3rd place - Jacob Huh, SCKF            3rd place - Allen Sluss, ECUSKF
3rd place - So Imura, SCKO             3rd place - Jonathan Huang, NCKF
 Kantosho - Keith Adams, ECUSKF         Kantosho - Shingo Horiuchi, MWKF
 Kantosho - Misaki Matsunaga, ECUSKF    Kantosho - Collin Shinohara, MWKF
 Kantosho - Junnosuke Nagamatsu, SCKF   Kantosho - Peter Yu, SCKF
 Kantosho - Kenki Ogata, SCKO           Kantosho - Aidan Kwon, SCKO

12-13 Boys                             13 and Under Girls
1st place - Tomohide Katayama, ECUSKF  1st place - Aika Onitsuka, NCKF
2nd place - Tylor Wang, WKF            2nd place - Kysa Hayashi, SCKF
3rd place - Paul Ikeda, NCKF           3rd place - Kotone Ariga, SCKO
3rd place - Bryan Yoo, WKF             3rd place - Kokoro Sudo, AEUSKF
 Kantosho - Josh Kim, PNKF              Kantosho - Hana Koob, PNKF
 Kantosho - Taiki Miyamoto, PNKF        Kantosho - Chika Hotta, ECUSKF
 Kantosho - Daichi Sakuma, MWKF         Kantosho - Mahana Koike, ECUSKF
 Kantosho - Evan Chen, NCKF             Kantosho - Summer Kwon, SCKO

14-18 Girls                            14-15 Boys
1st place - Taery Kim, SCKF            1st place - Rinnosuke Nagamatsu, SCKF
2nd place - Jaime Tada, SCKF           2nd place - Noah Suzuki, SCKF
3rd place - Maya Blechschmidt, PNKF    3rd place - Kenta Tamura, ECUSKF
3rd place - Sae-Young Hyun, SEUSKF     3rd place - Noah Nakayama, SCKF
 Kantosho - Jennifer DeJong, PNKF       Kantosho - Brian Liao, PNKF
 Kantosho - Kasey Tada, SCKF            Kantosho - Tyler Barrone, MWKF
 Kantosho - Hanako Kiuchi, SCKO         Kantosho - Arata Ogikubo, SCKO
 Kantosho - Anne Morita, SCKO           Kantosho - Steven Yoo, WKF

16-18 Boys
1st place - Ian Kotake, SCKO
2nd place - Michael Farmer, SEUSKF
3rd place - Colin Sherrod, MWKF
3rd place - Gen Takahashi, SCKO
 Kantosho - Thomas Koizumi, ECUSKF
 Kantosho - Daniel Choi, SEUSKF
 Kantosho - Daniel Lee, WKF
 Kantosho - Branden Wang, WKF

Youth                  Boys                 Girls
1st place - SCKO B     1st place - ECUSKF   1st place - PNKF A (B.Park, J.Higa, J.DeJong)
2nd place - SCKF B     2nd place - SCKO A   2nd place - PNKF B (Keeley McManus,Allison Kojima, Maya Blechschmidt)
3rd place - ECUSKF A   3rd place - SCKF A   3rd place - SCKF B
3rd place - NCKF       3rd place - SCKO B   3rd place - SCKO A

AUSKF 2016 IAIDO CHAMPIONSHIP – June 25, 2016, Dallas

0-2 Kyu Mudansha                         Murakami Cup 1 Kyu and 1 Dan
1st place - Denise Verastigue, SWKIF     1st place - Jennifer Mayo, RMKIF
2nd place - Nathan Williams, SWKIF       2nd place - Kelly Maier, MWKF
3rd place - Rory Casey, SWKIF            3rd place - Aleasha Jay, RMKIF
3rd place - Gina Konstantopoulos, AEUSKF 3rd place - Celeste Rosell, RMKIF
 Kantosho - Keita Tanabe, NCKF            Kantosho - Thane Mittelstaedt, PNKF

Murosako Cup 2 Dan and 3 Dan             Yamaguchi Cup 4 Dan and Above
1st place - Yoshimasa Watanabe, NCKF     1st place - Debi Farmer, GNEUSKF
2nd place - Kevin Thibedeau, AEUSKF      2nd place - Joe Sheldon, SUSKIF
3rd place - Richard Davis, RMKIF         3rd place - Jonathan Bannister, PNKF
3rd place - Keiko Miyamori, AEUSKF       3rd place - David Bressler, AEUSKF
 Kantosho - Rob Tranchin, SWKIF           Kantosho - Tsuyoshi George Nishiura, NCKF

LEEWARD OAHU KENDO TOURNAMENT – June 26, 2016, Mililani District Park Gym

Yonenbu 11 Years and Under             Seinenbu Open
1st place - Brandyn Matsumoto          1st place - Eric Young
2nd place - Jacob Amano                2nd place - Lotus De Asis
3rd place - Abigail Mejia              3rd place - Zen White
3rd place - Zachary Yamamoto           3rd place - Joshua Amano

Shonenbu 12-14 Years                   Yudansha 1-2 Dan
1st place - Go Hayakawa                1st place - Chase Takenaka
2nd place - Yukinari Ito               2nd place - Kenton Chun

Women's Yudansha                       Yudansha 3-4 Dan
1st place - Gina Kishimoto             1st place - Chris Gooding
2nd place - Gale Mejia                 2nd place - Yusuke Masumo
                                       3rd place - Kevin Chun
                                       3rd place - Jordan Miller

Yudansha 5 Dan and Above               Yudansha Masters 3 Dan and Above Over 40 Years of Age
1st place - Garrett Matsumoto          1st place - Keith Hui
2nd place - Mark Miyamoto              2nd place - Ron Miller
3rd place - Andy Fujimoto              3rd place - Jon Shishido
3rd place - Wesley Fujimoto            3rd place - Jay Suemori

Team                                           Parents/Kids Team
1st place - Mililani                           Kids - 7
2nd place - Kenshikan                          Parents - 1

James Oka Kantosho Fighting Spirit Award - Ron Miller


AJKF KODANSHA SHINSA, May 6, 2016, Butokuden, Kyoto.

RENSHI: Tomoko Suzuki (Youshinkan).

AUSKF IAIDO SHINSA, June 26, 2016, Dallas

3RD KYU: Jared Bowler (Zen Bu Kan RMKIF), Shamina Chang (Chiba Hokushin Itto Ryu SUSKIF), Hiroyuki Maeda (Idaho PNKF),
Huong Tran (Dallas-Fort Worth SWKIF). 2ND KYU: Rory Casey Dallas-Fort Worth SWKIF), Colin Haney (Dallas-Fort Worth
SWKIF), Gina Konstantopoulos (Ken-Zen AEUSKF), Apinya Premprajaks (Dallas-Fort Worth SWKIF), Nathan Williams (Dallas-Fort
Worth (SWKIF). 1ST KYU: Lora Berger (Castle Rock RMKIF), David Carroll (River City SUSKIF), Shiro Kondo (Ken-Zen
AEUSKF) Sangki Lee (Dallas Fort-Worth SWKIF), Ashley Moore (Dallas Fort-Worth SWKIF), Harry Mott (Venice SCKF), Michael
Schuldt (Musoshindenryu Agassiz MWKF) Denise Verastigue (Dallas-Fort Worth SWKIF), Joshua Yang (Princeton EUSKF), Sean Zhu
(Dallas-Fort Worth SWKIF). 1ST DAN: John Baker (Dallas-Fort Worth SWKIF), Jordy Davis (Zen Bu Kan RMKIF), Jennifer
Mayo (Castle Rock RMKIF), Celeste Rosell (Zen Bu Kan RMKIF), Jay Salazar (River City SUSKIF). 2ND DAN:
AhmedGaballa El Sayed (Shidogakuin Miami GNEUSKF), Ben Kiang (Houston SUSKIF), Kelly Maier (Musoshindenryu Agassiz MWKF),
Allen Smith (Mushinkan SWKIF). 3RD DAN: Richard Flinn (Musoshindenryu Agassiz MWKF), Sean Henderson (Rocky
Mountain RMKIF), Serena Tang (Nichibukan JSS EUSKF). 4TH DAN: Ji You Ni (Nichibukan JSS EUSKF), James Smith
(AiShinKai Fudo Myoo-Ji PNKF), Rob Tranchin (Dallas-Fort Worth SWKIF), David Yang (Princeton EUSKF). 5TH DAN:
Masayasu Ando (Alaska PNKF), Edward Olson (Tonbo PNKF), Steve Sasaki (Salt Lake SWKIF), Joe Sheldon (River City SUSKIF).
6TH DAN: Tomoko Amgwerd-Suzuki (Youshinkan BCKF).


After evening practice, as before, I fixed dogu and made shinai, took care of the dog and scrubbed Ogawa Sensei’s or Waka
sensei’s (Ogawa’s son-in-law) baths, walked the dog and closed the gates. Exhausting, grueling, yes, but it all became
habit, “no big deal.” I was not conscious of how I was absorbing all these activities, known not in my mind but in my
body, heart and spirit, transforming me into a Kendoist. I simply recalled what was said to me by Wada Kyoichiro, my
sempai: “Everything you do, Nobuto, is Kendo practice. It is your responsibility to observe and learn. Practice, practice,
practice!” I was not explicitly forced to do anything, and complimented so rarely that I can recall no direct
encouragement. But my spirit was on fire. I felt no pain and practiced and practiced and practiced.

–Rod Nobuto Omoto,
edited by Charlotte Omoto, 2014, p. 24. Available as free download


Kenyu – Monthly Newsletter of the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation
Tom Bolling, Editor – 7318 23rd Avenue N.E., Seattle, WA 98115

Tom Bolling’s home page

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