AUSKF Summer Camp at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma

AUSKF Summer Camp will be July 11th-13th on the PLU campus in Tacoma and feature two 8th dans: Hidetoshi Miyagawa and Tatsuaki Haitaini senseis. Download the information sheet to see the full schedule, including some tidbits around curriculum and download the 2014 AUSKF Summer Camp Registration Form to turn in by JUNE 17th, 2014.

Seminar Fee is $70
Accommodations in the Tacoma area offered are the PLU dorms at $66.50 per day (including a meal card) or surrounding hotels like the Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inns & Suites.
Dinner party on Saturday night is $32.
Make checks payable to AUSKF.

Kodansha exam for 5-7dans to be Sunday, July 13th in the afternoon. You’ll need a whole other set of paperwork for that and chances are that you already got it or know where to get it with the appropriate secret handshake.

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