PNKF Kata Seminar 01/09/16

PNKF Kata Seminar on Saturday, Jan 9, 2016
12pm-5pm with godo keiko for the last 45 minutes
The location will be at Chinook Middle School
18650 42nd Ave S, SeaTac WA 98188
Depending on the number attending, the groups will probably be split into the following groups:
1. New Kata Students. Brand new or still do not know 1-3 very well.
2. Those that know 1 – 5 or want to learn up to 5.
3. Those that know 1 – 7 or want to learn up to 7.
4. Those that know 1 – 10 or want to learn Shoto.
5. High rank group for 4 and 5-dan (depending on attendance and instructors)
The main instructors will be the 7 Dan Sensei. 6 Dan will be assisting or helping with the lower level groups.

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