Nominations now open for 5 “AT LARGE” positions on the PNKF Board

Nominations are now open for 5 “AT LARGE” positions on the PNKF Board. Any valid (dues paid/waivers signed) PNKF member is eligible for this election. One of the intents of these positions is to provide an opportunity to include individuals that are significant contributors to PNKF and the board functions that may be beyond the allowed positions.
For reference, I have included an excerpt from PNKF Policies & Procedures below.

For nominations to the five At Large PNKF Board positions, a brief bio (recommend ½ page or less) of each person should be supplied. Suggested content:

* One sentence describing why you want to be a board member.
* Include kendo/iaido/jodo rank and brief description of activity.
* Include any experience you think is relevant to serving on the board
*Other relevant experience (education, certifications or training;
affiliations; experience with companies or non-profits)
It is important for these members and nominees to attend the 11/19/2022
board meeting, which will be held remotely from 9 am to 11 am.  Please
note that at the 11/19 meeting, the 2022-2023 board members will vote on
the five At Large positions and then seat the officer positions prior to
conducting new business.  Meeting details and remote call-in
instructions will be sent to all nominees who provide their contact details. After the five At Large members are determined, the new Board including the newly elected At Large members, elect the officers.

Thank you for your continued support of PNKF. If you have any questions regarding the nomination or voting process, feel free to reach out to a sitting PNKF board member or officer.


Karin Feddersen

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