Kenyu – July/August/September 2013

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Volume 27, number 7/8/9

July/August/September 2013


  1. Oct 5, PNKF Shinpan Seminar, 12noon-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent.
             -1. Those participating in Shinpan seminar will break into 5 Groups.
             -2. Each Group will rotate to the indicated position based on times, 35 minutes in each 
                 position, 5 minutes to rotate to next position.
             -3. All Shinpan Seminar participants will participate in Shiai.
             -4. Matches will be 2 minutes with rotation every 2 matches; all those in group will
                 continue to rotate in to Shinpan until time to rotate to next position.
             -5. Hantei will be called if tied after 2 minutes.
             -6. One Senior member (5th Dan or above) will be assigned to a group to advise group.
             -7. Other Senior members will be assigned to Courts and advise Shinpan on Court.
             -8. Those not participating as Shinpan will have Shiai on Court B.
             -9. While in Position C and E, Senior member should review Shinpan performance, flag handling,
                 Shinpan positioning, any other questions.
            -10. PNKF Dojo need to encourage their members to participate in Other Shiai matches.
                   Schedule: 12noon-12:15pm, Opening Rei and discussion
                             12:15-12:20pm, Form 5 groups (Line up by rank, count off 1 to 5)
                             12:20-12:30, Go to Positions 
                   Other Attendees Shiai - Youth Mudansha Yudansha, Position E
                   Bogu Off & Review
  2. Oct 19, Tacoma Taikai, Sat, 10am-4pm, Washington High School, 12420
    Ainsworth Avenue South, Tacoma.

  3. Nov 2, PNKF Taikai, Sat, 9:30am, Kent.
  4. Nov 15/16, Daiki Kiwada Sensei, Kendo
    Renshi 6th Dan, 2012 All Japan Kendo Federation
    Championships Champion, Fri/Sat.
    Friday night practice will be at Northwest Dojo, Northgate Community Center,
    10510 5th Ave. NE, Seattle, 98125. Ron Risher will organize a dinner after
    practice (either Azteca or similar). Practice will start promptly at 6:30 p.m.
    and end at 8:00 p.m. Everyone will pay their own way except Kiwada Sensei and
    the PNKF contact person. Saturday practice will be at Kent Commons from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

  5. Nov 16, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Des Moines Library, 21620 11th Avenue S., Des Moines.
  6. Nov 23, Kent Taikai, Sat, report time 9am, start 9:30am, Kent.
  7. Dec 6/7/8, visit of Kendo Hanshi 8th Dan Mitsuru Hamasaki, former Chief Instructor of Tokyo Metropolitan Police, for the 2013 AUSKF (Western Region) Education Tour, Fri/Sat/Sun – tentative – place and time to be determined.
  8. Feb 7/8/9, visit of Iaido Hanshi 8th Dan Kishimoto and Jodo Kyoshi 7th Dan Iaido Hanshi 8th Dan Kazuma Okuda, for the 2014 AUSKF Iaido Education Tour, Fri/Sat/Sun. Jodo Seminar will be included in this tour – tentative – place and time to be determined.


  1. Nov 8/9/10, AUSKF Board meetings, Houston, Texas.
  2. Nov 10, AUSKF Kodansha Shinsa, 12:30-4pm, Sun, University of Houston Recreation and Wellness Center,
    4500 University Drive, Houston, Texas.

  3. Feb 8, 52nd Steveston Taikai, 9am, Sat, McMath High School, 4251 Garry Street, Richmond BC.
    Entry Deadline: Friday, January 18, 2014.

  4. May 2015, 16WKC, Tokyo, Japan.


The new President of the All Japan Kendo Federation is Fujio Cho.
Born February 2, 1937, he graduated from the Faculty
of Law at the University of Tokyo in March 1960 and joined Toyota Motor Corporation the same year. He is currently Honorary
Chairman for Toyota Motor Corporation, and prominent in many other organizations, for example he is Chairman of the Japan Sports

Masami Matsunaga is the new Vice President of the AJKF, Shuji Fukumoto is Vice President/Executive Managing Director, Yukio
Sato is Managing Director of International Affairs, and Ari Kurose is International Office Manager.

Yoshimitsu Takeyasu continues as President of the FIK, with Yukio Sato FIK Secretary General, and Ari Kurose FIK Assistant
Secretary General.


Everett Kendo and Iaido Club has a very comfortable and convenient new venue,
the Cascade Boys and Girls Club, 7600
Cascade Drive, Everett, WA 98203. Iaido is Mondays 7:30-9pm, and Kendo is Wednesdays 7-9pm.

AUSKF 2013 IAIDO CHAMPIONSHIPS – June 30, 2013, Iowa School for the Deaf, Council Bluffs

0-2 Kyu                               Murosako Cup 1 Kyu and 1 Dan
1st place - Allen Smith, SWKIF        1st place - Sean Hannon, RMKIF
2nd place - Michael Miyamoto, RMKIF   2nd place - John Mullin, AEUSKF
3rd place - David Aguero, NCKF        3rd place - Douglas Picard, NCKF
3rd place - Ruth Alessi, SEUSKF       3rd place - Serena Tang, EUSKF
 Kantosho - Jennifer Mayo, RMKIF       Kantosho - Lynn Miyauchi, PNKF

Yamaguchi Cup 2 Dan and 3 Dan         Nakanishi Cup 4 Dan and Above
1st place - Kevin Loughlin, AEUSKF    1st place - Susan Sekreta, AEUSKF
2nd place - Gordon Hall, AEUSKF       2nd place - Paul Shin, GNEUSKF
3rd place - Hiroaki Fukumoto, PNKF    3rd place - Terry Fukui, GNEUSKF
3rd place - Gunner Goerlitz, PNKF     3rd place - Jason Hankins, RMKIF
 Kantosho - Yuko Nishida, GNEUSKF      Kantosho - Debi Farmer, GNEUSKF


Special Guest Instructor – Kendo Renshi 6th Dan Chinatsu Murayama

1st place - PNKF-1 (A.Kikkawa, J.Chen, N.Grimes, J.Frazier-Day, A.Takado)
2nd place - Butokuden (V.Kuo, Y.Saito, L.Gibbons, M.Harigai, H.Nohara)
3rd place - SCKF (Y.Kil, C.Tada, E.Kim, C.Yoon, N.Sano)
3rd place - SWKIF-1 (H.Dang, S.Mizukami, A.Darrah, A.Premprajaks, S.Sugimoto)

Individual Mudansha                   Individual Yudansha
1st place - J. DeJong, PNKF           1st place - A. Takado, PNKF
2nd place - K. Lam, Steveston         2nd place - A. Kikkawa, PNKF
3rd place - S. Ma, PNKF               3rd place - E. DeJong, PNKF
3rd place - C. Tada, SCKF             3rd place - W. Robillard, Steveston
                                      4th place - C. Yoon, SCKF
                                      4th place - N. Sano, SCKF
                                      4th place - B. Lin, PNKF
                                      4th place - M. Harigai, Butokuden

TATER TAIKAI – July 27, 2013, Treasure Valley Community College Gymnasium, Ontario, Oregon

1st place - Jake Wilson, Ore-Ida
2nd place - JP Stroud, Idaho
3rd place - Matt Miller, Idaho

1st place - Senpo, Sid Price, Jiho, Morgan Ward, Chuken, JP Stroud, Taisho, Matt Miller

7th ANNUAL PNKF IAIDO TAIKAI – September 29, 2013, Rain City Fencing Center, Bellevue

Mudansha Cup 0-1 Kyu                  Yudansha 1-2 Dan                  Noguchi Yudansha Cup 3-4 Dan
1st place - K. Tekin, Norwalk         1st place - D. Lau, Musokai       1st place - H. Fukumoto, Seattle
2nd place - A. Jay, Aishinkai         2nd place - F. Fourie, AiShinKai  2nd place - J. Bossert, AiShinKai
3rd place - A. Hill, Tonbo            3rd place - T. Lui, OSU           3rd place - G. Goerlitz, Musokai
3rd place - A. Vanderspek, Aishinkai  3rd place - M. Gaylord, Seattle   3rd place - B. Blomquist, Everett

Murosako Team Competition Cup
1st place - Seattle (A.Jay, M.Gaylord, H.Fukumoto)
2nd place - Musokai (H.Onaka, D.Lau, G.Goerlitz)


     AJKF KODANSA SHINSA, April 30, 2013, Kyoto Shiritsu Taiikukan
7TH DAN:  Motoki Asaoka (Youshinkai).

     AUSKF IAIDO KODANSHA SHINSA, June 30, 2013, Iowa School for the Deaf, Council Bluffs, Iowa
3RD KYU:  Martin Beck, Judith Koenig, Robert Rodriguez, Celeste Rosell, William White.
2ND KYU:  Anthony Alessi (SEUSKF, Ruth Alessi (SEUSKF), Jen Browne, Derek Kordash, Michael Sareyani. 
1ST KYU:  David Aguero, Gregory Condemi, Ken Gauvey, Maya Heuertz, Jennifer Mayo, Michael Miyamoto (RMKIF), Allen Smith.
1ST DAN:  Kelly Maier.
2ND DAN:  Lynn Miyauchi (PNKF), Serena Tang.
3RD DAN:  Louis N. Carreras, Richard Davis, Rodolfo Lynch, Cheuk Ying Tang, Phillip VanDenBurghe.
4TH DAN:  Gordon Hall.
5TH DAN:  Terry Fukui, Koichiro Tanaka.
6TH DAN:  Susan Sekreta (AEUSKF).

     PNKF IAIDO SHINSA, August 10, 2013, Kent
3RD KYU:  Stuart Hagler (Obukan), Nikki McCormack (Everett), Russell Wilcoxon (AiShinKai).
2ND KYU:  Anthony Hill (Tonbo).
1ST KYU:  Garrit Pillie (AiShinKai).
1ST DAN:  Masami Hill (Tonbo), Tsz Pang Lui (OSU), Gina Taylor (Tonbo), Anh Trieu (AiShinKai).

     PNKF KENDO SHINSA, August 10, 2013, Kent
6TH KYU:  Keiji Underhill (Northwest).
5TH KYU:  Erin Berry (Northwes), Yura Campbell (Sno-King), Julian Collins (Sno-King). 
4TH KYU:  Jasper Hugunin (Cascade), Naomi Kipper (Northwest), Chiyo Miyake (Kent), Peter Palmer (Northwest), 
          DeAndre Tadeo (Everett), Mikkel Tadeo (Everett), Tyler Tetzloff (Kent), Kengo Underhill (Northwest).
3RD KYU:  Ethan Chen (Northwest), Rick Goral (Northwest), Joseph Jean (Northwest), Hannah Kim (Bellevue), 
          Soohmin Lee (Cascade), Mina Liao (Bellevue), Teo Morca (Northwest), Seth Mulhausen (Tacoma), 
          Caleb Ogier (UW), Brandon Sweezea (Northwest), Ronen Totonchi (Musokai), Alisa Yoshikawa (Tacoma).
2ND KYU:  Stuart Hagler (Obukan), Andrew Hyun (Bellevue), Alick Law (Sno-King), Van Le (UW), 
          Dennis Lee (Federal Way), Brian Liao (Bellevue), David Lin (Bellevue), Andrew Nagasawa (Bellevue), Nancy Tang (UW), 
          Riley Tetzloff (Kent), Joe Yang (Bellevue).
1ST KYU:  Eric Chesley (Seattle), Sean Gillespie (Seattle), Jeremy Mettler (RenMa), Camille Nagasawa (Bellevue),
          Junha Park (Obukan), Mark Roddy (Meadowbrook).
1ST DAN:  Billy Joe Griffin (Spokane), Kenta Kato (Alaska), Andrea Kayser (Pocatello), Ryan Kim (Cascade), 
          U-Seong (Hank) Kim (UW), Kenny Lee (Cascade), Tsz Pang Lui (OSU), Emily Morgan (Musokai), Yuriko Phancenek (Seattle), 
          Yarrow Sandberg (Spokane), Shawn Stern (UW).
2ND DAN:  Hwan Choi (UW), Andrew Kato (Obukan), Richard Lei (Seattle), Tero Patana (Sno-King), Chris Rafael (Meadowbrook), 
          Andy Sinclair (Spokane), John-Paul Stroud (Idaho). 
3RD DAN:  Aaron Yen (Seattle).

     AJKF KODANSHA SHINSA, August 17, 2013, Yamagata
7TH DAN:  Chinatsu Murayama (Saitama). 

     AUSKF KODANSHA SHINSA, September 1, 2013, Cleveland
5TH DAN:  Jeff Chen (SWKIF), Kentaro Fujita (ECUSKF), Shinichiro Fukui (AEUSKF), Daniel C. Kim (SEUSKF), 
          James J. Kim (SEUSKF), Katsumi Matsumoto (MWKF), Takashi Sudo (GNEUSKF), Zia Uddin (MWKF).
6TH DAN:  Masahiro Imafuji, ECUSKF.

     PNKF KENDO SHINSA, September 15, 2013, Treasure Valley CC Easley Gymnasium, Ontario, Oregon
3RD KYU:  Travis Horn (Idaho), Dawn Lattin (Pocatello), Sid Price (Idaho), Sebastian Smith (Idaho), Joe Ward (Idaho).
2ND KYU:  Brian Cox (OSU), Zach Simpson (Pocatello), Morgan Ward (Idaho).
1ST KYU:  Ken Tawara (Idaho), Jake Wilson (Idaho).
1ST DAN:  Mick Lannigan (Idaho).
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