Kenyu – April/May/June 2018

Volume 32, number 4/5/6

April/May/June 2018


July 2018

  • 7/21: PNKF Board meeting, 9-11am, Sat, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 1610 S. King Street, Seattle.

August 2018

  • 8/11: PNKF Kendo Shinsa, Sat, 12noon-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent Commons Recreation Center,
    525 4th Avenue N. (corner of 4th and James), Kent.

  • 8/18: 5th Annual Houston Kendo Kyokai Team Taikai, Sat, opening ceremony 8:45am, Gilruth Fitness Center, 2101 E. NASA Parkway, Houston, Texas.

September 2018

  • 9/8: PNKF Senior Kendo Seminar, Sat, 8:30am-4pm, Bitterlake Community Center Annex, Thompson Broadview Elementary, 13052 Greenwood Avenue N., Seattle.
  • Tentative agenda: doors open 8:30am; 9-10:30am, injury prevention; 10:30am-12noon, Competition;
    12noon-1pm lunch; 1-1:30pm warm up; 1:30-3pm shinsa; 3-4pm open keiko.

  • 9/14-16: 17WKC, Fri/Sat/Sun, Namdong Gymnasium, Incheon, Korea.
  • 9/15: PNKF Board meeting, 9-11am, Sat, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 1610 S. King Street, Seattle.
  • 9/28-9/30: PNKF West Coast Iaido Seminar, Tournament, and Shinsa, Fri, Sat, Sun, Rain City Fencing, 1776 136th
    Place NE, Bellevue.

  • Teachers: Iaido Kyoshi 8th Dan Hideo Noguchi; and Iaido Kyoshi 7th Dan Shigehiro Aoki and Kaoru Suzuki.
  • Schedule: Fri, 7-9pm; Sat, 9am-5pm Iaido; Sun, 9am-1pm Tournament; 2-4:30pm Shinsa/Seminar.

October 2018

  • 10/6-10/7: AUSKF Shinpan Seminar, Sat, 9am-5pm, and Sun, 9am-1pm, with asageiko 7:30-8:30am, Chinook Middle School, 18650 42nd Avenue S., SeaTac, WA 98188. There will be a $15 seminar fee to be paid in CASH and collected at the door. In addition, Bento are available for lunch on Saturday at $10 each which will also be collected at the door Saturday morning. Dinner Party — Saturday night there will be a dinner and all are invited and encouraged to attend, details to follow. REGISTER ON-LINE NOW AT:
  • 10/20: Tacoma Taikai, Sat — CANCELLED.

November 2018

  • 11/3: PNKF Taikai, Sat, Kent Commons Recreation Center, 525 4th Avenue N. (corner of 4th and James St.) Kent.
  • 11/10: AUSKF Board meeting, Sat, venue TBD.
  • 11/11: Kodansha Shinsa, Sun, venue TBD.
  • 11/17: PNKF Board meeting, 9-11am, Sat, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 1610 S. King Street, Seattle.

December 2018

  • 12/1: Kent Taikai, Sat, Kent Commons Recreational Center, 525 4th Avenue N. (corner of 4th and James St.) Kent.
  • 12/9: PNKF Jodo Shinsa.

April 2019

  • 4/6: AUSKF Junior Open National Championships, Sat, South Forsyth High School, 585 Peachtree Parkway, Cumming, Georgia 30041

June 2019

  • 6/14-6/16: 12th Annual US Nito Kendo Summer Camp, Fri/Sat/Sun, College of Idaho, Caldwell, Idaho

8th AUSKF JUNIOR OPEN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – April 8, 2018, Marina High School, Huntington Beach, California

9 Years and Under                      10-11 Years
1st place – Issei Lancelot, NCKF       1st place - Taiyo Ariga, SCKO
2nd place – Ryuga Madokoro, SCKF       2nd place - Jacob Huh, SCKF
3rd place – Bailey Shinada, SCKF       3rd place – Euvene Kae, WKF
3rd place – Yuta Onitsuka, NCKF        3rd place – Demian Roh, SCKF
 Kantosho – Yuichi Sato, SCKF           Kantosho – Jonathan Yu, PNKF
 Kantosho – Yoshihiko Shimada, SCKO     Kantosho – Devin Chung, PNKF
 Kantosho – Sora Kanemoto, SCKF         Kantosho – Kokoro Kusayanagi, SCKF
 Kantosho – Luke Ido, SCKO              Kantosho – Jacob Kim, WKF

12-13 Years                            14-15 Years
1st place – Jonathan Huang, NCKF       1st place – Tomohide Katayama, ECUSKF
2nd place – Andrew Kang, SCKF          2nd place – Riki Okawa, SCKO
3rd place – McCartney Hong, SCKF       3rd place – Tylor Wang, WKF
3rd place – Scott Fujiwara, SCKO       3rd place – Dave Nam, SCKF
 Kantosho – Ennio Kim, SCKF             Kantosho – Bryan Yoo, WKF
 Kantosho – Dylan Hil, SCO              Kantosho – Benjamin Ahn, WKF
 Kantosho – Hayden Kim, SCKF            Kantosho – Josh Kim, PNKF
 Kantosho – Yosuke Takubo, SCKF         Kantosho – Keisuke Yamamuro, SCKO

16-18 Years                            13 Years and Under Girls
1st place - Branden Wang, WKF          1st place - Daphne Chen, SCKF
2nd place - Gen Takahashi, SCKO        2nd place - Misaki Matsunaga, ECUSKF
3rd place - Steven Yoo, WKF            3rd place - Kayleen Kim, SCKO
3rd place - Kyle Fukuda, PNKF          3rd place - Grace Huh, SCKF
 Kantosho - Benjamin Huh, SCKF          Kantosho - Sayaka Masuo, SWKIF
 Kantosho - Teruya Mochizuki, ECUSKF    Kantosho - Naomi Yu, SCFK
 Kantosho - Lucien Levins, SCKO         Kantosho - Mai Sakamoto, SCKO
 Kantosho - Nathan Sueki, SCKF          Kantosho - Ffion Mabale, PNKF

14-18 Years Girls
1st place - Aika Onitsuka, NCKF
2nd place - Betty Park, PNKF
3rd place - Hana Yamamoto, SCKO
3rd place - Colleen Fan, NCKF
 Kantosho - Allison Kojima, PNKF
 Kantosho - Chika Hotta, ECUSKF
 Kantosho - Anne Morita, SCKO
 Kantosho - Keeley McManus, PNKF

Youth Team            Girls Team                                     Boys Team
1st place - ECUSKF A  1st place - PNKF A (K.McManus,B.Park,A.Kojima) 1st place - SCKO A
2nd place - SCKO A    2nd place - SCKF A                             2nd place - WKF B
3rd place - SCKF B    3rd place - NCKF A                             3rd place - PNKF B
3rd place - SCKF A    3rd place - NCKF B                 (J.Paik,K.Honda,D.Chung,KEUnderhill,K.Fukuda)
                                                                     3rd place - ECUSKF A


Women's                                0-4 Kyu
1st place - H. Yamada, Vancouver       1st place - D. Yip, Cascade
2nd place - K. Darbyshire, Vancouver   2nd place - A. Kim, Bellevue
3rd place - W. Robillard, Steveston    3rd place - B. Wong, UW
3rd place - M. Gardner, UVic           3rd place - M. Xu, UW

3-1 Kyu                                1-2 Dan
1st place - A. Yorita, UW              1st place - B. Liao, Bellevue
2nd place - L. Gao, UW                 2nd place - P. Lee, Steveston
3rd place - A. Rossi, Spokane          3rd place - E. Chui, Steveston
3rd place - B. Sprenger, Obukan        3rd place - A. Kojima, Bellevue

3 Dan                                  4 Dan and Above
1st place - K. Sugiura, UW             1st place - T. Yamada, Vancouver
2nd place - M. Yoneda, Kent            2nd place - H. Yamada, Vancouver
3rd place - J. Croes, Portland         3rd place - N. Nakano, Steveston
3rd place - T. Marsten, Kent           3rd place - T. Hamanaka, Tozenji

1st place - Vancouver (K. Darbyshire, R. Asato, H. Yamada, S. Jung, T. Yamada)
2nd place - Steveston A (E. Chui, D. Yao, S. O’Sullivan, N. Nakano, W. Robillard)

Head Shinpan - David Yotsuuye
Taikai Chair - Minari Omura
Sportsmanship Pledge - Sue Vanasouk
UW Most Improved - Esther Law
Kazuo and Tomo Shoji Inspirational Award - Minari Omura

28th ANNUAL BELLEVUE JUNIOR TAIKAI – May 19, 2018, Bellevue

10 Years and Under                          11 to 12 Years                 13 to 14 Years
1st place - I. DeBlieck, Sno-King           1st place - J. Yu, Northwest   1st place - K. Underhill, Northwest
2nd place - K. Ayers, Sno-King              2nd place - N. Chu, Bellevue   2nd place - J. Kim, Federal Way
3rd place - K. Maxfield-Matsumoto, Highline 3rd place - S. Kim, Seattle    3rd place - L. Ohata, Bellevue
3rd place - E. Cocoro Marx, Federal Way     3th place - D. Chung, Cascade  3rd place - T. Ting, Northwest

High School Girls                      High School Boys
1st place - B. Park, Bellevue          1st place - K. Fukuda, Cascade
2nd place - K. McManus, Kent           2nd place - S. Enomoto, Kent
3rd place - M. Blechschmidt, Bellevue  3rd place - D. Imanishi, Seattle
3rd place - A. Kojima, Bellevue        3rd place - K. Underhill, Northwest

Junior Teams
1st place - Northwest (J. Yu, N. Underhill, K. Underhill, A. Fung, T. Ting)
2nd place - Seattle (A. Mabale, E. Kim, F. Mabale, K. Halve, N. Orita)

High School Teams
1st place - Kent/Federal Way (S. Lee, S. Enomoto, K. McManus)
2nd place - Bellevue Red (N. Smith, A. Kojima, B. Park)

Head Shinpan - David Yotsuuye 
Taikai Co-Chairs - Hide Iba and Leonid Tsybert
National Anthem - Maya Blechschmidt
Competitors’ Pledge - Betty Park
Master of Ceremonies - CJ Chaney
Awesome Spirit Award - Juah Paik, Tacoma
Centurion Bellevue Highline Sno-King Youth Leadership Award - Maya Blechschmidt, Bellevue

53rd ANNUAL VANCOUVER KENDO TOURNAMENT – May 26, 2018, Byrne Creek Secondary School, Burnaby

9 Years and Under                   10 to 12 Years                  13 to 15 Years
1st place - Ka. Yoshimura, Renbu    1st place - Y. Lee, Renbu       1st place - R. Kim, Renbu
2nd place - Y. Asaoka, Youshinkan   2nd place - N. Son, Renbu       2nd place - K. Underhill, Northwest
3rd place - M. Ishizuka, Youshinkan 3rd place - K. Yoshimura, Renbu 3rd place - A. Son, Renbu
3rd place - M. Shirai, Youshinkan   3rd place - J. Yu, Northwest    3rd place - K. Kono, Tozenji

16 to 20 Years                      21 to 30 Years                  31 to 40 Years
1st place - S. Enomoto, Kent        1st place - K. Komoto, UBC      1st place - K. Lee, Chinook
2nd place - K. Muramatsu, Renfrew   2nd place - K. Unzei, AOI       2nd place - T. Yamada, Vancouver
3rd place - K. Higo, Kent           3rd place - W. Chung, UVic      3rd place - M. Rose, Renfrew
3rd place - T. Marsten, Kent        3rd place - E. Kita, Renbu      3rd place - I. Lin, Chinook

41 Years and Over                   Women
1st place - I. Miki, Steveston      1st place - J. Kurahashi, Renbu
2nd place - S. Shiono, Calgary      2nd place - H. Yamada, Vancouver
3rd place - S. Kim, Renbu           3rd place - A. Fukushima, Vancouver
3rd place - D. Chiu, SFU            3rd place - N. Fukushima, Vancouver

Junior Team                         Senior Team                     Fighting Spirit
1st place - Renbu B                 1st place - Team Canada         B. Buckham, UVic
2nd place - Renbu A                 2nd place - Vancouver A         K. McManus, Kent

2018 AUSKF IAIDO TAIKAI – June 2, 2018, Salt Lake City, Utah

Mudansha Division (0 - 2 kyu)
1st place - Ben Senderling, SWKIF, Omaha Kendo & Iaido Kyokai
2nd place - Bruce Hiraoka, RMKIF, Castle Rock Iaido
3rd place - Jeffrey Cardin, SWKIF, Mushinkan Kendo & Iaido Dojo
3rd place - Cierra Nix, RMKIF, Castle Rock Iaido
 Kantosho - Jonathan Hoopes, SWKIF, Salt Lake Kendo & Iaido Kyokai

Murakami Cup (1 kyu - 1 dan)
1st place - Feng (Blade) Weng, SWKIF, Mushinkan Kendo & Iaido Dojo
2nd place - Ma. Denise Verastique, SWKIF, Dallas-Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai)
3rd place - Dongying Song, AEUSKF, Ken-Zen Institute)
3rd place - Nathan Williams, SWKIF, Dallas-Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai)
 Kantosho - Helene Cousein, AEUSKF, Seizan Kendo Kai)

Murosako Cup (2 dan - 3 dan)
1st place - Thane Mittlestaedt, PNKF, Aishinkai Fudo Myoo Ji Dojo)
2nd place - John Mullin, AEUSKF, Ken-Zen Institute)
3rd place - Edward Vierk, SWKIF, Omaha Kendo & Iaido Kyokai)
3rd place - Jennifer Mayo, RMKIF, Castle Rock Iaido)
 Kantosho - Sergey Zalubovsky, NCKF, Mountain View Dojo)

Yamaguchi Cup (4 dan & above)
1st place - Debi Farmer, GNEUSKF, Shidogakuin NY Shidokan)
2nd place - Susan Sekreta, AEUSKF, Ken-Zen Institute)
3rd place - Paul Shin, GNEUSKF, Shidogakuin NY Shidokan)
3rd place - Gordon Hall, AEUSKF, Ken-Zen Institute)
 Kantosho - Monica Iwakabe, RMKIF, Rocky Mountain Budokan)

2018 ROSE CITY TAIKAI – June 9, 2018, Portland Community College Sylvania Campus

Women                                  Juniors 10 and Under
1st place - K. McManus, Kent           1st place - V. Chen, Oakland
2nd place - E. Ishii, Kent             2nd place - I. DeBlieck, Sno-King
3rd place - M. Blechschmidt, Bellevue
3rd place - J. Higa, UW

Juniors 11-15                          0-4 Kyu
1st place - Jo Paik, Tacoma            1st place - A. Kim, Bellevue
2nd place - Ju Paik, Tacoma            2nd place - E. Hellevik, UW

3-1 Kyu                                1-2 Dan
1st place - B. Sprenger, Obukan        1st place - K. McManus, Kent
2nd place - C. Pak, Portland           2nd place - J. Higa, UW
3rd place - S. Lee, Federal Way        3rd place - M. Blechschmidt, Bellevue
3rd place - J. Jeon, Bellevue          3rd place - A. Miller, Portland

3 Dan                                  4 Dan and Above
1st place - T. Marsten, Kent           1st place - I. Morgan
2nd place - J. Lee, Portland           2nd place - G. Nakayama, Portland
3rd place - J. Croes, Portland
3rd place - A. Fujii, UW

Junior Teams
1st place - Sno-King (I. DeBlieck, D. Shilov, D. Beck)
2nd place - Tacoma (Ju. Paik, I. Lee, Jo. Lee)

Senior Teams
1st place - Kent (I. Morgan, K. McIntosh, K. McManus, E. Ishii, T. Marsten)
2nd place - Seattle (D. Imanishi, Y. Chen, C. Capoeman, Y. Paik, A. Yen)

Head Shinpan - Doug Imanishi; Competitors' Pledge - Lucian Jesequel
Master of Ceremonies - John Hancock

2nd TADAO TODA HAI KENDO TAIKAI – June 17, 2018, Caldwell Idaho

Upper Division                          Lower Division
1st place - Fumihide Itokazu, Covina    1st place - Cougar Capoeman, Tacoma
2nd place - Seth Harris, Hawaii         2nd place - Andrew Barnett, Young Moo Kwan
3rd place - Michio Kajitani, Arkansas   3rd place - Sten Kajitani, Arkansas
3rd place - Frank Wessbecher, Highline  3rd place - Jordy Davis, Zenbukan



2018 AUSKF Iaido and Jodo shinsa, June 3, 2018, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT


4TH KYU: Jonathan Hoopes (Salt Lake City Kendo & Iaido Kai), Lam Nguyen (Salt Lake City Kendo &
Iaido Kai), Michael Webster (Zen Bu Kan). 3RD KYU: Frauke Hachtmann (Omaha Kendo & Iaido
Kyokai), Bruce Hiroaki (Castle Rock Iaido), Caleb Johnson (Zen Bu Kan), Philip Markunas (---),
Anandhavel Nagendrakumar (Zen Bu Kan), Tyler Wilson (Musoshindenryu Iaido - Agassiz Dojo), Cierra
Waitman (Castle Rock Iaido). 2ND KYU: Alex Cherry (Salt Lake City Kendo & Iaido Kai), Kevin O’Mara
(Zen Bu Kan) Brett Thompson (DFWKIK), Michael Curtis (Rocky Mountain Budokan), Nathanial Thomason
(Musoshindenryu Iaido - Agassiz Dojo 2kyu), Andrew Webster (Zen Bu Kan). 1ST KYU: Adam Sandor
(Musoshindenryu Iaido - Agassiz Dojo), Ben Senderling (Omaha Kendo & Iaido Kyokai), Jeffrey Cardin
(Mushinkan Kendo and Iaido), Michio Kajitani (Arkansas Kendo club), Francisco Moreno Ramirez
(Club de Iaido Mexico Asia), Joshua Stadtlander-Miller (Ken-Zen). 1ST DAN: Jared Bowler (ZenBuKan),
Michael Jacobson (Musoshindenryu Iaido - Musoshindenryu Iaido - Agassiz Dojo), Gary Lee Moulder (Palo
Alto), Philip Sevin (ZenBuKan), Dongying Song (Ken-Zen), Feng (Blade) Wang (Mushinkan Kendo and Iaido
Dojo), Darryl Woods Mushinkan Kendo and Iaido Dojo). 2ND DAN: Dominque Alfandari (Sei Zan Kendo Kai),
Helene Cousin (Sei Zn
Kendo Kai), Alberto Kiramoto (DFWKIK), Jay Salazar (River City Iaido &
Kendo Kyokai), Michael Schuldt (Musoshindenryu Iaido - Agassiz Dojo), Ma. Denise Verastigue (DFWKIK), Nathan Williams (DFWKIK).
3RD DAN: Tekin Korhan (Norwalk Kendo Dojo). 4TH DAN: Genaro Luis Cervantes (Club de Iaido Mexico Asia), Rodolfo Lynch
(Ken-Zen), Elizabeth Pesek (Salinas), Terry Sewell (DFWKIK), Edward Vierk (Omaha Kendo &
Iaido Kyokai).


1ST KYU: Tyler Wilson (Musoshindenryu Iaido - Agassiz Dojo), James Maestes (Yamakage Dojo), Jaden Olah
(Yamakage Dojo), Adam Sandor (Musoshindenryu Iaido - Agassiz Dojo), Michael Schuldt
(Musoshindenryu Iaido - Agassiz Dojo), Robert Tranchin (DFWKIK), Francisco Moreno Ramirez (Club de
Iaido Mexico Asia), Veronica Taylor (Baltimore-Annapolis), Sarah Scherr (Musoshindenryu Iaido - Agassiz
Dojo), Amber Adams (Butokuden Kendo Dojo), Michi Takeda (Butokuden Kendo Dojo), Bob
Schneider (Butokuden Kendo Dojo), George Carr, Jr. (Yamakage Dojo).

1ST DAN: Genaro Luis de Cervantes (Club de Iaido Mexico Asia), David Bressler (Ken-Zen), Judit Olah
(Yamakage Dojo), Jaden Olah (Yamakage Dojo), Adam Sandor (Musoshindenryu Iaido - Agassiz Dojo), Michael
Schuldt Musoshindenryu Iaido - Agassiz Dojo), Kevin Thibedeau Ken-Zen), Michael Jacobson
(Musoshindenryu Iaido - Agassiz Dojo), Bradley Anderson (Musoshindenryu Iaido - Agassiz Dojo), An Nguyen
(Butokuden Kendo Dojo), Kazuhiro Kawashima (Shidogakuin NY), Bob Fushimi (Yamakage Dojo),
N. Tasume (Yamakage Dojo) James Valencia (Yamakage Dojo).

2ND DAN: Amado Maldonado (US Kobujodokai), Alec Milton (Ken-Zen).
3RD DAN: David Gravens (US Kobujodokai), Sandor Ver (US Kobujodokai), Elizabeth Sapareto (US Kobujodokai).

11th ANNUAL US NITO KENDO CAMP, SEMINAR – June 17, 2018, College of Idaho, J.A. Albertson Activities Center, Caldwell, Idaho

3RD KYU: Cory Leslie, Idaho Kendo Club PNKF. 1ST KYU: Sten Kajitani, Arkansas SWKIF. 4TH DAN: Young
Sub Shim, (Detroit MWKF), Ethan Waln, (Portland PNKF).


I was sent to the Tokyo Tank School for about six months to learn how to operate tanks and how to dismantle
and assemble them. We also learned to attack tanks with yellow bombs (Oh shoku yaku)
that we carried under our arms, and were taught to jump right into the wheels of the tanks, destroying
both the tank and ourselves. “Seppuku” the ritual suicide performed by cutting open of the hara with
the sword, performed ceremoniously was the honorable way to die for failure, defeat in battle or a
mistake or disgraceful act for the Lord. The slang term “harakiri” (literally gut cutting) coined
by the West during WW II debases the conscious will and courage implicit in the traditional concept.
Nonetheless, the average soldier needs to be honored, even if his suicide was not so pure as that
of the samurai.

Tradition required one to die honorably for one’s mistake or disgraceful act by seppuku. But Ogawa
Kinnosuke Sensei told me that modern Kendo did not require Seppuku. “If you make a mistake or a
disgraceful act, Omoto, live as long as you can. You can’t recover the mistakes you made, but
value yourself and show your bravery and repentance by being useful to your neighbors and the world for
as long as you live.” My modern kendo spirit, modern bushido, or Hawaiian Yamato spirit, would not allow
me to commit suicide, but rather survive to throw more bombs. I would fight to live, and live to
fight more. Would I have committed suicide if I could not imagine an alternative or had I been ordered,
as were the kamikaze pilots? I have to answer that I don’t know.

Luckily I did not have to face that decision, but likely, were the order to have been issued, I would
have complied and thereby at least died honorably. But I would have been dead either way. To refuse
an order is treason, punishable by death. However, war is about death. War means blood and pain – death –
that is the bottom line.

If you are a foot soldier in close combat, survival is luck, or perhaps karma. So it proved for me.
The day I left Tokyo, I learned that the tank school had been bombed. There were few, if any, survivors.
To survive by hours was my karma, and had no relationship to Kendo training or personal
control. I was lucky for my order to depart, just as I would have been unlucky to be
ordered to stay at the school another day or to sacrifice myself.

My next assignment was for horse and buggy training at Kumamoto Castle, located on the southern
island of Kyushu and noted for its beautiful gardens, mountains and history, especially as the area where
Miyamoto Musashi spent his last days and wrote the Book of Five Rings. I especially
enjoyed this assignment. When Musashi was fifty-six years old in 1640, after his sixth and final
battle during the siege of Shimabara, in 1637, he took up residence at Kumamoto as a guest of Lord
Hosokawa Tadatoshi. He was given the rank of a general of a division. Here he participated in his last,
and as always victorious, duel, and then took residence in the old castle of Chiba, adjacent to Kumamoto Castle.

He spent most of his time practicing the arts of calligraphy, painting, and tea ceremony. Shaken
by the death of Lord Hosokawa in 1641, he retreated to fulfill the Lord’s command to explain the ideas of
his strategy that had guided his life as a samurai. In 1643 at fifty-nine years old, Musashi departed
for Mount Iwato, located about twelve kilometers southwest of Kumamoto, where he lived in Reigando
(spirit rock) cave. Here he remained and wrote the Gorin no Sho (The Book of Five Rings).
He died at the age of sixty one in 1645.

–Rod Nobuto Omoto, Autobiography, edited by Charlotte Omoto, 2014, p. 34-35.
Available as free download at

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