Volume 33, number 3/4

March/April 2019


  • 5/18: Bellevue Junior Taikai, Sat, 9:30am start time, Highland Park Community Center, 14224 Bel-Red Road, Bellevue.
  • 6/1: Vancouver Taikai, Sat, gym open 9am, opening ceremonies 10am, Byrne Creek Secondary School, 7777 18th Street, Burnaby, BC. Registration is due by May 13, at https://www.learnkendo.org/vancouver-taikai/
    Please note, registration fees and bento fee are now separate this year (Vancouver club will not sell
    bento on tournament day). $12 per Bento (Donburi style lunch + water). Registered shinpan will get a free
    bento (both competing and non-competing shinpan). The entry fees for competitors are as follows: $16 per
    Junior Participants (15 and under), $20 per Senior Participants (16 and over). Tournament Categories: 9 Years
    & Under (modified based on number of participants), 10-12 Years, 13-15 Years, 16-20 Years, 21-30 Years, 31-40
    Years, 41 & Over, Womens (16+), Junior Team, Senior Team.
  • 6/14-6/15-6/16: 12th Annual US Nito Kendo Summer Camp, Fri/Sat/Sun, College of Idaho, Caldwell, Idaho.
    We are pleased to have the following sensei attend this year's camp:
    Ryoichi FUJII, Kyoshi 8 dan, Yamaguchi Japan
    Yoshihiro UGAJIN,Kyoshi 7 dan, Tokyo Japan
    Futoshi SATO, Kyoshi 7 dan, Chiba Japan
    Mitsuyoshi WADA, Renshi 7 dan, Tokyo Japan
    Hisashi NAGASAKI, Renshi 7 dan, Oita Japan
    Ako FUJII, Renshi 7 dan, Yamaguchi Japan
  • 6/22: Rose City Taikai, Sat, Conestoga Recreation and Aquatic Center, 9985 S.W. 125th Avenue, Beaverton, Oregon 97008.
  • 6/27-7/1: AUSKF Iaido Seminar, Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon.
  • 7/6-7/13: North American Women’s Kendo Tournament and Seminar, led by Kendo Renshi 7th Dan Chinatsu Maruyama, five time All Japan Champion, Seminar 7/6-7/11 Sat-Thu, Championship 7/13 Sat, https://womenskendo.com/
  • 7/20: PNKF Board meeting, 9-11am, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 1610 S. King Street, Seattle.
  • 7/28: Toubukan International Friendship Kendo Summer Practice, Sun, 9am-3pm, Toubukan Dojo, Mito, Ibaraki, Japan.
  • 8/10: PNKF Kendo Shinsa, Sat, TBD.
  • 9/14: PNKF Board meeting, 9-11am, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 1610 S. King Street, Seattle.
  • 9/27-9/29: PNKF Iaido Seminar, Tournament, and Shinsa.
  • 10/5: PNKF Shinpan Seminar, Sat, 12noon-5pm, Kent Commons Recreational Center, 525 4th Avenue N., Kent.
  • 10/19: Tacoma Taikai.
  • 11/2: PNKF Taikai, Kent Commons Recreational Center, 525 4th Avenue N., Kent.
  • 11/9-10: AUSKF Board meeting.
  • 11/10: AUSKF Kodansha Shinsa.
  • 11/16: PNKF Board meeting, 9-11am, Peter’s Episcopal Church, 1610 S. King Street, Seattle.
  • 12/7: Kent Taikai, Sat, TBD, Kent Commons Recreational Center, 525 4th Avenue N., Kent.

    At their May 4, 2019 meeting the PNKF Board elected Kendo Renshi 6th Dan Elizabeth Marsten Head Coach of Team
    PNKF for the 2020 AUSKF Championships. The PNKF Head Coach oversees the assistant coaches of the men’s, women’s,
    and juniors’ Teams. For years she was the PNKF Advisor to UW, and has competed in many events, including at the
    World Kendo Championships in 2000, and in 2003, when her Team won the bronze medal in Glasgow, Scotland. She
    captained the PNKF Womens’ Team which won second place at the 2017 AUSKF Championships in San Jose, California.


    In the early Meiji Era, Toubukan Dojo inherited Hokushin Ittouryu, the origin of the modern Kendo. Takaharu
    Naito Sensei, who was sent to Kyoto Budo Senmon Gakko (Busen) from Toubukan, later produced many Kendo instructors.
    Through them, Kendo was introduced to the rest of the world. Gordon Warner Sensei, who taught Kendo in the USA,
    and with Junzo Sasamori Sensei wrote This Is Kendo, also spent time at Toubukan, which appears in his book.
    Practicing Kendo at this historical Dojo in Japan would be an unforgettable experience.


    1. Opening
    2. Demonstration – Iai
      • Hokushin Ittouryu
      • Shin Tamiyaryu
      • Naginata
    3. Kodansha Tachiai
    4. Keiko

    Purpose: To nurture friendship through Kendo (Kou Ken Chi Ai).
    They are keen to hold a friendship Kendo match/keiko inviting Kendoists from overseas. Our friend Katsunori
    Osuga Sensei has practiced extensively overseas, including here in the PNKF, so they asked him to check if anyone
    is interested to come. The cost for the trip and stay in Japan will have to be borne by the participants. It will
    be held on Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Mito City, which is a two-hour bus ride from Narita. Practicing Kendo in this
    famous traditional Dojo will be an unforgettable experience. toubukan.or.jp
    Since time is pressed for planning, please let Osuga Sensei know if anyone is interested to come. The number of
    participants is not limited. Osuga Sensei’s address is: katsunoriosuga@hotmail.com


    Four people related to our Kendo community have left us in recent days.

    Ruby Ayako Yasui, the widow of the late head sensei of Seattle Kendo Kai, Kiyoshi Yasui, passed away peacefully on
    April 3, 2019. Born February 17, 1921 in Lingle, Wyoming, she moved to Seattle with her family, where she lived
    for over 70 years. Yasui Sensei predeceased her in 2012, and she is survived by sons Kenneth (Joann), Ronald,
    daughter Alice, and grandchildren Shawn and Timmy.

    Lorraine Kathleen Sako Pai lost a protracted battle with glioblastoma, including surgery, and following that a
    devastating massive stroke. When we were encouraged by Peter Mizuki to begin Kendo in early 1979, a key person
    Peter introduced us to was Lorraine, and for our 50th birthday in June 1981, she presented us with a professional
    landscape drawing of the pond which is still gracing the southeast corner of the garden. At UW Lorraine studied
    Landscape Architecture under Kenichi Nakano, and went on to study landscaping and garden building in Kyoto. With a
    profound sense of social justice and advocacy, her life became deeply centered and involved in the Chinatown
    International District and the intense programs of the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience.
    Her friends and allies included Cathy Honda Inouye, Mari Watanabe, Susie Kozawa, Manuel Cawaling, Frank Abe, Corky
    Lee, Alan Chong Lau, Kazuko Nakane, Mayumi Oda, Stuart and Renko Dempster, Trisha Tsutakawa, Lori Matsukawa, Yoko
    Murao, Sharon Maeda, Andy Mizuki, Dean Wong, Ken Mochizuki, Sharon Tomiko Santos, the late Donny Chin and Bob
    Santos, to name but a few. A contributing author to the International Examiner, an organizer in the Pride movement,
    an actor who played the mother in the film International House of Feet, and helped design, lead, and build the
    Danny Woo Community Garden, she was introduced to artist John Pai by Ron Chew, who also officiated at their
    marriage November 17, 1996. She died at home in the presence of her husband and daughters April 4, 2019. She is
    survived by her beloved husband John, daughters Mirabai and Naima, sisters Elaine Posey and Melanie Sako, and
    parents Saburo and Lillian Sako.

    Ray Murao Sensei’s mother Kimiyo Murao, born in Steveston, BC, passed away peacefully on March 23, 2019, at the age
    of 93, surrounded by her loving family. She was predeceased by parents Yasutaro and Miwa, daughter Toshimi, sister
    Miwako and daughter-in-law Anne, and is survived by and will be dearly missed by her husband of 72 years, Toshio;
    children, Kay (Kelvin), Ray, Louise (Peter), Ken (Janet), Joyce (Randy) and Dick (Debbie); 13 grandchildren and 6
    great-grandchildren; sisters Chiyoko, Yachiyo, and Sazare; and many nieces and nephews.

    As reported in a courtesy note from his sister Mrs. Mildred James, Highline member from the 1980s and continuing
    Kenyu reader Jack Glen-don Nuckolls had died at age 84 on November 3, 2018. Jack was born November 29, 1933 in
    Colusa County, California. He was a retired police officer, remembered for his quiet, unassuming steadiness.

    43rd ANNIVERSARY HIGHLINE CHALLENGE CUP – March 16, 2019, White Center

    Yudansha                                 Mudansha
    1st place – K. Underhill, Northwest      1st place – B. Wong, UW
    2nd place – B. Park, Bellevue            2nd place – L. Gao, UW
    3rd place – S. Enomoto, Kent             3rd place – T. Miyamoto, Northwest
    3rd place – C. Chan, Highline            3rd place – A. Rossi, Spokane
    1st place - UW, 39 points 2nd place – Bellevue, 26 points
    Shinpan Sho - Jeffrey Marsten, Highline
    Sportsmanship Pledge – Nancy Harris, Highline


    1st place – Akira Fujii, UW
    2nd place – Sungha Park, Columbia
    3rd place – Victor Peng, NYU
    3rd place – Gen Takahashi, UCLA
    1st place - UW (Jason Nguyen, Leo Gao, Akira Fujii, Jane Higa, Brian Wong)
    2nd place – UCSD (Angel Sambo, Kimi Sugino, Richard Garcia, Stephen Chang, Takashi Yubata)
    3rd place – Stony Brook U A (Kyle Madison, J. Bolusi, Joshua Cho, Jirou Takahashi Duffy, Shay Hohokabe)
    3rd place – UC Riverside A (Stanley Zhao, Noah Kim, Reid Watanabe, Robert Leevarinpanich, Andrew Gruhn)
    Also 1st place in the round robin – Mixed A (Andrew Hamilton from Drexel, Jason Kuo, Elysia Midorikawa, Abby Tan, Keeley McManus)

    9th AUSKF JUNIOR OPEN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – April 6, 2019, Cumming, Georgia

    9 Years and Under                    10-11 Years
    1st place – Luke Ido, SCKO           1st place – Kaiyu Sugiyama, SCKO
    2nd place – Yamato Kongo, SCKF       2nd place – Kento Seto, ECUSKF
    3rd place – So Otsuru, ECUSKF        3rd place – Issey Lancelot, NCKF
    3rd place – Lei Tomatsu, SCKF        3rd place – Koki Mori, SCKO
    Kantosho – Masahiro Otani, SCKO      Kantosho – Akimasa Hotta, ECUSKF
    Kantosho – Bailey Shinada SCKF       Kantosho – Jioh Yun, AEUSKF
    Kantosho – Jorge Rincon-Hayashi,     GNEUSKF Kantosho – Masamune Seki, ECUSKF
    Kantosho – Takuma Sakuno, MWKF       Kantosho – Yoshihiko Shimada, SCKO
    12-13 Years                          14-15 Years
    1st place – Taro Ariga, SCKO         1st place – Tomohide Katayama, ECUSKF
    2nd place – Eisuki Koike, ECUSKF     2nd place – Keita Tanabe, NCKF
    3rd place – Keigo Ishida, MWKF       3rd place – Jonathan Huang, NCKF
    3rd place – Jonathan Yu, Northwest   3rd place – Dave Nam, SCKF
    Kantosho – Hugo Mizuhashi, SCKF      Kantosho – Jeffrey Choi, SCKF
    Kantosho – Shosuke Arai, MWKF        Kantosho – Danny Chang, Cascade
    Kantosho – Taisho Shiono, SCKF       Kantosho – Josh Kim, Federal Way
    Kantosho – Alec Yuen, Seattle        Kantosho – Fumihiko Shimada, SCKO
    16-18 Years                          13 Years and Under Girls
    1st place – Tylor Wang, WKF          1st place – Sarang “Rachael” Yoon, AEUSKF
    2nd place - Riki Okawa, SCKO         2nd place – Juah Paik, Tacoma
    3rd place – Tyler Chao, WKF          3rd place – Shion Okawa, SEUSKF
    3rd place – Elden Chao, WKF          3rd place – Miori Kino, AEUSKF
    Kantosho – Changhao Hou              Kantosho – Stephanie Tada, SCKF
    Kantosho – Tomoki Horiuchi, ECUSKF   Kantosho – Mai Sakamoto, SCKO
    Kantosho – Musashi Clark, SEUSKF     Kantosho – Kanon Saito, SCKF
    Kantosho – Daichi Sakuma, MKF        Kantosho – Kirsten Choi, MKF
    14-18 Years Girls
    1st place – Daphne Chen, SCKF
    2nd place – Manami Hayashi, SCKF
    3rd place – Sochiko Jinnaka, GNEUKF
    3rd place – Hinako Yokohagi, AEUSKF
    Kantosho – Catherine Ikeda, NCKF
    Kantosho – Aika Onitsuka, NCKF
    Kantosho – Emi Ichimura, NCKF
    Kantosho – Carolyne Ikeda, NCKF
    Youth Team                   Boys Team               Girls Team
    1st place – ECUSKF A         1st place – SCKF A      1st place - SCKF A
    2nd place – SCKO A           2nd place – SCKO A      2nd place - PNKF A (Maya Blechschmidt, Isabella Lee, Betty Park)
    3rd place – SCKF B           3rd place – GNEUSKF B   3rd place – NCKF B
    3rd place – SCKF A           3rd place – WKF B       3rd place – SCKO


    Women's                                  0-4 Kyu
    1st place – W. Robillard, Steveston      1st place – S. Dang, UW
    2nd place – K. Darbyshire, Vancouver     2nd place – R. Wang, UW
    3rd place – M. Suzuki, Sno-King          3rd place – X. Liang, UW
    3rd place – N. Grimes, Sno-King          3rd place – R. Long, UBC
    3-1 Kyu                                  1-2 Dan
    1st place – T. Miyamoto, Northwest       1st place – D. Yao, Steveston
    2nd place – C. Slater, UW                2nd place – S. O’Sullivan, Steveston
    3rd place – L. Gao, UW                   3rd place – E. Chui, Steveston
    3rd place – A. Yorita, UW                3rd place – P. Lee, Steveston
    3 Dan                                    4 Dan and Above
    1st place – K. Nakaya, Portland          1st place – K. Unzei, UBC
    2nd place – J. Ocada, Cascade            2nd place – T. Hamanaka, UBC
    3rd place – B. Lin, Highline             3rd place – R. Asato, Vancouver
    3rd place – F. Wessbecher, Highline      3rd place – SH Jung, Vancouver
    1st place - UBC (E. Cheng, Y. Chen, C. Chiang, K. Unzei, T. Hamanaka)
    2nd place - Kent (I. Morgan, K. McManus, J. Frazier-Day, T. McManus, S. Day)
    Head Shinpan - David Yotsuuye
    Taikai Chair – Jason Nguyen
    Sportsmanship Pledge – Jane Higa
    UW Most Improved – Abby Tan
    Kazuo and Tomo Shoji Inspirational Award – Jane Higa

    2019 WKF CHAMPIONSHIP – April 28, 2019, John Burroughs High School, Burbank

    10 and Under                            11-12 Years
    1st place – Luke Ido, Gardena           1st place – Taiyo Ariga, Butokuden
    2nd place – Masahiro Otani, Butokuden   2nd place – Yoshihiko Shimada, Gardena
    3rd place – Jonathan Lee, Jungnoo       3rd place – Euvene Kae, Ildo
    3rd place – Christian Kawano, Torrance  3rd place – Nathan Park, Jungmoo
    13-15 Years                             16-18 Years
    1st place – Eugene Kae, Ildo            1st place – Riki Okawa, Long Beach
    2nd place – Brandon Cho, Jo-Chun        2nd place – Shinnosuke Mizutamari, Gardena
    3rd place – Han Yi, Las Vegas           3rd place – Nathan Lee, Ildo
    3rd place – Haru Sakamoto, OSULA        3rd place – Elden Chao, Ildo
    Girls 18 and Under                      Adult Kyu
    1st place – Kotone Ariga, Butokuden     1st place – Fei Ou, Butokuden
    2nd place – Seowoo Hong, La Canada      2nd place – Abraham Ruiz, Torrance
    3rd place – Seo Young Hong, La Canada   3rd place – Jai Park, Las Vegas
    3rd place – Cassie Kim, Jo-Chun         3rd place – Ki Wan Kim, UCLA
    Women's                                 Senior
    1st place – Sunmi Lim, Jungmoo          1st place – George Lee, Jo-Chun
    2nd place – Ryoko Sato, Gardena         2nd place – Atsushi Kajioka, West LA
    3rd place – Isabel Lorimer, Butokuden   3rd place – Michael Yoon, Tustin
    3rd place – Haruna Ariga, Butokuden     3rd place – Dongsuk Park, Tustin
    1-3 Dan                                 4th Dan and Up
    1st place – Daniel Lee, Ildo            1st place – Munik Zo, Las Vegas
    2nd place – Brendan Wang, Ildo          2nd place – Kenneth Song, Las Vegas
    3rd place – Tylor Wang, Ildo            3rd place – Julian Williams, Torrance
    3rd place – Jonathan Han, Las Vegas     3rd place – Arashi Steele, Torrance
    Women’s Team Best 3
    1st place – Butokuden A (Isabelle Lorimer, Filipa Ab Borges, Haruna Ariga)
    2nd place – La Canada (SW Hong, S. Hong, HS Kim)
    3rd place – Gardena (Shiori Segawa, Yumi Nagakashi, Ryoko Sato)
    3rd place – Jo-Chun
    Team Best 5
    1st place – Torrance
    2nd place – Ildo A
    3rd place – La Canada
    3rd place – Butokuden A (Steve Hsueh, Sean Park, Howard Kim, Justin Park, Taiyo Ariga)


    AUSKF KODANSHA SHINSA, April 14, 2019, Tyee Educational Complex, 4424 S. 188th Street, SeaTac

    5TH DAN: An Giang (PNKF), Noelle Elizabeth Grimes (PNKF), Bryan Yoshio Imanishi (PNKF), Nozomu Ishimori SEUSKF),
    Jason Kim (SCKO), Suhyun Kim (AEUSKF), Younhwa Ko (AEUSKF), Sayaka Masuko (AEUSKF), Motoya Nakamura (PNKF), Ryo
    Nameshida (AEUSKF), Hiromi Akaya Robinson (SEUSKF), Victor Shin (SCKO).
    6TH DAN: Tomohiko Hayashi (MWKF), Robert Gene Peterson (MWKF).
    7TH DAN: Shuntaro Shinada (SCKF), Kotaro Yoshida (MWKF).
    RENSHI: Agustin Dionicio Martinez (NCKF), Elizabeth A. Marsten (PNKF), Naoaki Tanimura (PNKF).

    PNKF IAIDO SHINSA, April 13, 2019, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Seattle

    3RD KYU: Maurice E. Benas III (Tonbo).
    2ND KYU: Shamina Chang (SUSKIF), Derek Reynolds (Alaska), James Thorne (AiShinKai).
    1ST KYU: Abigail Benoit (Tonbo), Brian Burton (AiShinKai), Michi Kaifu (San Mateo/Palo Alto), Teran Manuel
    1ST DAN: Adam Clark (AiShinKai).
    2ND DAN: Mikako Burton (Musokai), Khoi Duong (Musokai), Sean Horita (Musokai).
    3RD DAN: Ahmed Gaballa El Sayed (Shidogakuin Miami), Steven Touchi (Palo Alto).

    SCKO KENDO SHINSA, April 21, 2019, Butokuden, Irvine

    3RD KYU: Insiya Bambot (UCLA), Heng Chen (UCLA).
    1ST KYU: Kiwan Kim (UCLA), Akira Suzuki (UCLA).
    1ST DAN: Steven Yang (UCLA).
    3RD DAN: Hana Luciana Ariga (Butokuden), Isabelle Lorimer (Butokuden), Kimi Wang (UCLA).
    4TH DAN: Daisuke Furukawa (UCLA).


    Once an intake sergeant came to me with a picture of a lady. He said one of the old soldiers who had just been
    inducted a couple of days before had the photograph in his wallet. It was typical that the old soldiers were
    harassed for trivial things. To try to “shape them up,” they were given a “Binta,” a hard whack on both sides of
    the face. But taking the picture was psychological cruelty. I called for the old man and asked him to identify the
    lady. “My wife,” he answered softly, shaking because he thought I would give him another Binta. “Okay.” I said.
    “Put this back in your wallet and go back to your bunk.” Then I called the soldier who had taken the picture from
    the old man. I reprimanded him, and came close to calling him a bully. “Don’t do that to the soldiers. They have
    the right to carry their wives’ pictures in their wallets,” I barked. “And before you give Binta to any of them,
    see me first. I want to know why, and it better be a good reason!” Long after the War when I was living in Matsue,
    this nameless old soldier found me and came to thank me.
    Early spring, 1945, I had full responsibility for the welfare of my troops; all were novices, the very young and
    the elderly. My troop consisted of four six-cylinder Toyota trucks, and four squads, a total of eighteen soldiers
    including two sergeants, a driver, an assistant, and two flaggers. We were assigned to serve in Kochi City in Kochi
    Prefecture on Shikoku Island. We rarely stayed in the city, however, and usually camped in scattered places on the
    hillside surrounding the city.
    Our mission was tough, beginning before dawn and ending late at night; some days we worked around the clock. Our
    rations were minimal, and we were always hungry, but we kept on moving and rested only when we were completely
    exhausted. We cut and loaded logs from the mountains with no towing tools of any kind, and then hauled them to the
    Kochi shoreline to furnish barricade materials for the infantry soldiers protecting the Japanese Mainland from
    invasion. The Allies were at our borders. On the return trip, we hauled food and supplies from the Kochi warehouse
    for redistribution to the farmers’ warehouses located throughout the hills. Food was critical and in this way we
    tried to avoid losing all our supplies to bombs and create more access points.
    We kept moving through the dark one night, long after we all wanted and severely needed to rest. One of the
    sergeants asked me to allow the soldiers to sleep in the shoreline warehouse, where we had stopped for a few

    minutes after loading for the return trip. The warehouse was now half empty and seemed luxurious compared to our
    usual sleeping conditions. I rejected the request and after a rest of only a few minutes, started up the hill with
    very unhappy soldiers. About midway, we heard B-52 bombers flying over very high, but they didn’t drop any bombs.
    “Turn off the lights,” I ordered, “and sleep right where you are!” Shortly thereafter, from way out in the Pacific,
    a swarm of P-151’s sprayed some kind of liquid flame accelerant on the Kochi warehouse. Then the second line
    dropped flare bombs. In seconds the entire warehouse exploded, lighting the shoreline of Kochi. They ignored our
    little convoy, or perhaps never spotted us. No one complained about lack of sleep that night! Once again, luck was
    with us.
    –Rod Nobuto Omoto, Autobiography, edited by Charlotte Omoto, 2014, p. 37-38. Available as free download at

    Kenyu – Monthly Newsletter of the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation PLEASE NOTE: Kenyu Online IS THE EDITION OF
    RECORD FOR THIS NEWSLETTER – https://www.pnkf.org/ Tom Bolling, Editor – 7318 23rd Avenue N.E., Seattle, WA 98115

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