PNKF Shinsa

To: PNKF Member Clubs

Subject: Kendo and Iaido Shinkyu Shinsa Application

Date: Feb 28, 2015

Location: Odyssey at Tyee Educational Complex (formerly Tyee High School) 4424 S. 188th Street, SeaTac, WA

Iaido: The Iaido Shinkyu Shinsa and Seminar for 2 Dan and below will be held Saturday, Feb 28th, 2014, 9:00am-12:00pm. Schedule for Iaido to be determined. You should plan to attend entire time if taking Iaido exam.

Kendo: The Kendo Shinkyu Shinsa, for 4 Dan and below, will be held Saturday, Feb. 28th. Registration/Check in will begin at 11:30am. All participants should be changed and ready to begin at 12:30pm sharp.


Federation Membership: All applicants must be current 2014 AUSKF and PNKF member or register for 2015. If you have not registered your member, please send membership information and fees to PNKF Treasurer, Brian Blomquist. The PNKF/AUSKF dues should be sent before or the same time as the Shinsa applications. Please submit dues for those applying for Shinsa so that their membership can be confirmed. The AUSKF Membership number must be included on the application form. If it is a new member, write “NEW” on the form.

Shinsa Application: Please complete the application form / forms for your dojo members and return by email (spreadsheet) and hard copy, with fees, using the undersigned address with all applicable fees paid in advance payable to “Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation”. Please note that separate forms must be submitted for Iaido and Kendo.

Special requirements for 4th Dan applicants. Please note that the completed “Shinpan Credits” form must accompany the paper work for any 4th Dan candidates. For additional details please see the web site at:

Application Deadline: February 15th, 2015
Fees and application must be received by this date. The emailed file is not a substitute for submitting fees and hard copy by application deadline. Please be sure to e-mail be the Excel spreadsheet so that the data can be copied and pasted. NO PDF files.

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Kenyu – November/December 2014

Kenyu logo

Volume 28, number 11/12

November/December 2014


  1. Jan 9/10/11, “Kokusai Budo Daigakku, Kazuhiza Kaneda Iaido Seminar” featuring Iaido
    Kyoshi 8th Dan Kaneda Kazuhisa Sensei, instructor at International Budo University,
    Katsuura Japan, 8 time All Japan Iaido National Champion, author of “Iai no Kihon” (Iai Basics) Book and
    DVD set. Portland, OR. Fee: $120.00. Registration: Info:
    Schedule: Fri, Jan 9: 10am-5pm, Cascade Heights Charter School, 15301 SE 92nd Ave, Clackamas OR 97015.
    Sat, Jan 10: 10am-5pm, and Sun, Jan 11: 9am-3pm, also Hillside Community Center.

  2. Jan 10, PNKF Kata Seminar, Sat, 12noon-5pm, open keiko 4-5pm. The door will open at Noon, so do not be too early. Tyee Educational Complex, 4424 S. 188th Street, SeaTac, located right off I-5 at S. 188th Street.
  3. Jan 17, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  4. Jan 24, BC Intercollegiate Taikai, Sat, 11am, UW IMA.
  5. Feb 28, PNKF Shinsa, Sat, Iaido 9am-12noon; Kendo 12:30-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Tyee Educational
    Complex, 4424 S. 188th Street, SeaTac, located right off I-5 a S. 188th Street.

  6. Mar 14, Highline Taikai, Sat, 9am, White Center Community Center.
  7. Mar 28, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  8. Apr 4, PNKF Shinpan Seminar, 12noon-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent.
  9. Apr 11, UW Taikai, Sat, 10am, IMA.
  10. May 2, Vancouver Taikai, TBA.
  11. May 9, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  12. May 16, Bellevue Junior Taikai, Sat, 9:30am-3pm.
  13. Jun 6, Rose City Taikai, Sat, 10am, TBA.
  14. Jun 26/27/28, 8th US Nito Kendo Seminar, Fri/Sat/Sun TVCC Ontario, Oregon.
  15. Jul 18, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  16. Aug 8, PNKF Shinsa, Sat, Iaido 9am-12noon; Kendo 12:30-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent.
  17. Sep 19, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  18. Sep 26/27, PNKF Iaido Seminar, Sat/Sun, Rain City Fencing, 1776 136th Place NE, Bellevue.
  19. Oct 3, PNKF Shinpan Seminar, 12noon-4pm, open keiko 4-5pm, Kent.
  20. Oct 17, Tacoma Taikai, Sat, 10am-4pm, TBA.
  21. Nov 7, PNKF Taikai, Sat, 9:30am, Kent.
  22. Nov 21, PNKF Board, Sat, 3-5pm, Kent.
  23. Dec 12, Kent Taikai, Sat, report time 9am, start 9:30am, Kent.


  1. Jan 25, CKF Jodo Shinsa, Sat, Vancouver BC – CANCELED
  2. Feb 14, 52nd Steveston Taikai, 9am, Sat, McMath High School, 4251 Garry Street, Richmond BC.
  3. Apr 11/12, AUSKF Board, Sat/Sun, Denver.
  4. Apr 17/18/19, 15th Nabeshima Cup, Fri/Sat/Sun, Episcopal School, Dallas.
  5. May 27/28/29/30/Jun 1, 16WKC, Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon, Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan.
  6. Jun 25/26/27/28, AUSKF Iaido Seminar, Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun, San Jose.
  7. Nov 14/15, AUSKF Board, Sat/Sun, TBD.


At their November 15, 2014 meeting, the PNKF Board elected officers. President – Moki
Yoshikawa; Vice President – Harry Samkange; Treasurer – Brian Blomquist; Recording Secretary – Thomas
Bolling; Secretary of Internal Affairs – David Yotsuuye.

The other Board members are: John Bossert (AiShinKai), Mary DeJong (Highline), Brian Edwards
(Everett), An Giang (Northwest), Noelle Grimes (SnoKing), Thomas Groendal (Honshu), Jacob Huegel
(OSU), Doug Imanishi (Seattle), Michael Mabale (Seattle), Curtis Marsten (Kent), Vicki Marsten
(Kent), Edward Olson (Tonbo), Ted Tagami (UW), and Aaron Yen (Seattle). Jeff Marsten
(Bellevue/Highline/Sno-King) continues as Advisor. Elizabeth Marsten (Highline) was re-elected as UW

AUSKF 2014 Election of Directors for November 2014-November 2017 Term of Office

At their November 8, 2014 meeting, the AUSKF Board elected officers. President – Yoshiteru
Tagawa; Executive VP – Tim Yuge; Iaido Committee Chair – Shozo Kato; Secretary-Historian and
Anti-Doping Committee Chair – Norman Otani; Auditor – Court Tanouye; VP Promotion – Shinobu Maeda; VP
Education – Christopher Yang; VP Competition – Yuji Onitsuka; Treasurer – Kotaro Yoshida.

The other Board Members are: Brandon Harada, Tsuyoshi Inoshita, Michio Kajitani, Tomoji Kato,
Jean Kodama, Shinichi Koike, Jeffrey Marsten, and Shuntaro Shinada.


Mudansha                             Yudansha
1st place - JW Chen, Bellevue        1st place - M. Oya, Northwest
2nd place - V. Le, UW                2nd place - C. Blomquist, UW
3rd place - T. McManus, Kent         3rd place - Me DeJong, Highline
3rd place - A. Miller, Portland      3rd place - E. DeJong, UW

1st place - UW, 64 points   2nd place - Bellevue, 38 points
3rd place - Spokane, 28 points   4th place - Northwest, 27 points

40th ANNUAL PNKF KENDO TOURNAMENT – November 1, 2014, Kent Commons

10 and Under                         11-12 Year Old
1st place - B. Miki, Steveston       1st place - K. Sakumo, Renbu
2nd place - B. Underhill, Northwest  2nd place - A. Shimizu, Tozenji
3rd place - A. Ito, Steveston        3rd place - M. Fukuoka, Tozenji
3rd place - K. Squance, Renbu        3rd place - E. Chui, Steveston

13-15 Boys                           13-15 Girls
1st place - B. Liao, Bellevue        1st place - K. McManus, Kent
2nd place - E. Lee, Renbu            2nd place - K. Darbyshire, Vancouver
3rd place - K. Toyokawa, Tacoma      3rd place - H. Kim, Bellevue
3rd place - K. Muramatsu, Steveston  3rd place - B. Park, Bellevue

Women's Kyu                          0-4 Kyu
1st place - V. Le, UW                1st place - J. Ching, SFU
2nd place - M. Liao, Bellevue        2nd place - E. Hung, Steveston
                                     3rd place - S. Janzen, Renbu
                                     3rd place - B. Garcia, Bellevue

3-1 Kyu                              Women's Dan
1st place - T. Ito, Seattle          1st place - A. Fukushima, Vancouver
2nd place - J. Yamauchi, Cascade     2nd place - W. Robillard, Steveston
3rd place - C. Ogier, UW             3rd place - E. Marsten, Highline
3rd place - T. McManus, Kent         3rd place - M. Ara, Renbu

1-2 Dan                              3 Dan
1st place - R. Asato, Vancouver      1st place - Sh.Jung, Vancouver
2nd place - E. Kita, Renbu           2nd place - I. Miki, Steveston
3rd place - Y. Sandberg, Spokane     3rd place - T. Nishimura, UW
3rd place - A. Lee, Vancouver        3rd place - A. Xie, Youshinkan

4 Dan
1st place - K. Takeuchi, Youshinkan
2nd place - S. Choi, Portland
3rd place - T. Yamada, Vancouver
3rd place - C. Flores, Mexico

Junior Team
1st place - Bellevue Red (B. Park, H. Kim, A. Hyun, A. Nagasawa, B. Liao)
2nd place - Tozenji (N. Kono, A. Shimizu, M. Fukuoka, K. Kono, R. Holzner)
3rd place - Renbu A (K. Sakumo, R. Kim, E. Lee, I. Kim, H. Shim)
3rd place - Kent (J. Kim, V. Yancy, K. Toyokawa, N. Oda, K. McManus)

Senior Team
1st place - Hawaii (J. Okada, R. Ono, S. Harris, H. Kim, A. Fujimoto)
2nd place - Vancouver (A. Lee, R. Asato, H. Yamada, S. Jung, T. Yamada)
3rd place - Steveston (W. Robillard, I. Miki, N. Nakano, B. Chung, W. Wong)
3rd place - Seattle (T. Ito, S. Guidi, M. Mabale, G. Suzaka, N. Tanimura)

Shoji Trophy - Tiarnan Marsten
Sportsmanship Pledge - Melanie DeJong
Shinpan Cho - Jeffrey Marsten

4th LATIN AMERICAN KENDO CHAMPIONSHIPS - November 13/14/15/16, 2014, Merida City, Mexico

Juvenile Individual Female               Juvenile Individual Male
1st place - Nicole Miho Yamamoto, Brazil 1st place - Pedro Henrique Rogick, Brazil
2nd place - Suzana Ayumi Ito, Brazil     2nd place - Carlos Noel Martinez Delgado, Mexico
3rd place - Anna Chiba, Brazil           3rd place - Luciano Saa, Chile

Adult Individual Female                  Adult Individual Male
1st place - Constanza Aguilera, Chile    1st place - Alberto Massumi Takayama, Brazil
2nd place - Barbara Garcia, Chile        2nd place - Julio Kenji Toida, Brazil
3rd place - Cristiane Lie Toida, Brazil  3rd place - Adrian Yu Yoneda, Brazil

Individual Senior (over 50)                  Female Team
1st place - Sergio Velasquez, Aruba          1st place - Brazil
2nd place - Jesus Maya, Mexico               2nd place - Chile
3rd place - Eduardo Castano Tostado, Mexico  3rd place - Mexico

Male Team                            Classification per Points
1st place - Brazil                   1st place - Brazil (44 points)
2nd place - Mexico                   2nd place - Chile (23 points
3rd place - Chile                    3rd place - Mexico (22 points)

Victor Hugo Ruiz Sanchez, Mexico     Juliana Miwa Fujikura, Brazil
Angela Lie a Lien, Aruba             Guillermo Flores Hernandez, Mexico
Victor Camacho Espinoza, Mexico      Guillermo Avvert, Venezuela
Minchih Wang, Costa Rica             Kwesi Williams, Trinidad y Tobago
Buscaglia Juan, Argentina            Viviana Caceres, Colombia


12 Years and Under                   3-1 Kyu
1st place - D. Hyun, Bellevue        1st place - C. Ogier, UW
2nd place - J. Kim, Federal Way      2nd place - JW Chen, Bellevue
3rd place - L. Ohata, Bellevue       3rd place - J. Huegel, OSU
3rd place - S. Lee, Federal Way      3rd place - C. Chan, UW

13-15 Years                          1-3 Dan
1st place - B. Liao, Bellevue        1st place - I. Morgan, Kent
2nd place - A. Hyun, Bellevue        2nd place - S. Denardi, Spokane
3rd place - K. McManus, Kent         3rd place - V. Vulfson, Northwest
3rd place - K. Toyokawa, Tacoma      3rd place - T. Nishimura, UW
                                     4th place - W. Kuster, Spokane
                                     4th place - C. Ruiz, Spokane
                                     4th place - M. Scott, Sno-King
                                     4th place - A. Sinclair, Spokane

Women                                1-3 Dan Seniors
1st place - N. Grimes, Sno-King      1st place - J. Lamb, Spokane
2nd place - M. Suzuki, Sno-King      2nd place - B. Vanous, Bellevue
3rd place - E. DeJong, UW            3rd place - W. Sinclair, Spokane
3rd place - J. Frazier-Day, Kent     3rd place - M. Suzuki, Sno-King

4 Kyu and Under                      Junior Spirit of the Day
1st place - N. Pershing, UW          Josh Kim, Kent
2nd place - B. Wynd, UW
3rd place - J. Borchers, UW          Senior Spirit of the Day
3rd place - E. DiLiscia, OSU         Wendy Sinclair, Spokane

Junior Team
1st place - Bellevue Red (J. Higa, B. Park, A. Nagasawa, A. Hyun, B. Liao)
2nd place - Bellevue White (C. Park, L. Ohata, D. Hyun, M. Ohata, D. Lin)
3rd place - Federal Way (I. Lee, E. Sugimoto, S. Lee, - ,J. Kim)
3rd place - Kent (M. Oda, A. Fukusawa, K. Toyokawa, N. Oda, K. McManus)

Senior Team
1st place - Spokane A (Y. Sandberg, A. Melton, S. DeNardi, C. Ruiz, W. Kuster)
2nd place - Sno-King A (M. Suzuki, M. Scott, N. Grimes, C. Chaney, T. Patana)
3rd place - Bellevue B (M. Bratland, Y. Shinoda, T. Jaybush, A. Drackert, B. Vanous)
3rd place - Highline (J. DeJong, Me DeJong, F. Wessbecher, J. O'Donnell, B. Tsutakawa)

Sportsmanship Pledge - Tiarnan Marsten
Head Shinpan - Shinichi Koike

TATER TAIKAI - December 14, 2014, Treasure Valley Community College Gymnasium, Ontario, Oregon

Umemura Hai, Individual 
1st place - Jake Wilson, Ore-Ida
2nd place - Wes Horn, Idaho
3rd place - Ken Tawara, BSU

Tater Taikai, Team 
1st place - Boise State University (Ken Tawara, Tyler Peterson, Rhett Atagi)
2nd place - Idaho Kendo Club (Wes Horn, Carlos Matutes, Matt Miller)


AUSKF KENDO KODANSHA SHINSA, November 9, 2014, Chicago

5TH DAN: Tsuyoshi Kasamura (MWKF), Shigemi Matsuyama (GNEUSKF), Gordon Small (GNEUSKF), Travis
Stronach (MWKF).

Moses Becerra (SEUSKF), Harry Goh (PNKF), Hidetoyo Katayama (ECUSKF), Henry Lee
(AEUSKF), Koji Takahashi (AEUSKF).

Masa Ando (PNKF), Chris Yang (SCKF).

Kotaro Yoshida (MWKF).

Tomoji Kato (SCKF).

AJKF IAIDO KODANSHA SHINSA, November 26, 2014, Tokyo, Nippon Budokan

IAIDO RENSHI: Robert Stroud (Idaho PNKF).


6TH DAN: Takashi Yamada (Vancouver).


I enjoyed tournaments and awards, and mostly prevailed over opponents in Wahiawa. Finally Miura
Sensei decided I was ready for more serious competition in sports kendo, and he started to take me to
the Kaimuki Dojo in Honolulu with him every Sunday for practice.

In Kaimuki, as it is today, practice was not segregated by age or rank. If I entered the dojo as
a teenager without a rank, I was accepted as part of a group by everyone including Wada Sensei (5th
Dan), Mikami Sensei and Sugi Sensei, both 4th Dan, as well as Miura Sensei, 3rd Dan. I was expected
to observe the same etiquette. No one patronized me, excused me or made excuses for me because I was
just a kid. I was a participant in Kendo, practicing alongside them and with them and accorded
respect as a student of the Way. I found my models and my heroes and became a man by becoming a

Best of all, I had the whole day with Miura Sensei. He spoke when we drove, guiding the
discussions and philosophizing about Kendo in general, especially the Kendo attitude; he rarely
talked of techniques. He was a carpenter by trade, and as did Miyamoto Musashi, related Kendo to

"The swing of the hammer must be straight, Nobuto. The carpenter must use his energy
economically, sure and steady or he will become exhausted and hit his finger instead of the nail. The
muscles are of less importance than concentration; intent comes from the center of your being, the
hara. With the hammer and the sword, the swing is straight and the force comes when you tighten the
hara. You see how Kendo is part of everything I do."

--Rod Nobuto Omoto,
edited by Charlotte Omoto, 2014, p. 13. Available as free download at

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Kenyu- August/September/October 2014

Kenyu logo

Volume 28, number 8/9/10

August/September/October 2014


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2014 PNKF Iaido Seminar & Tournament

The Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation will be hosting an Iaido seminar September 26th through the 29th (Fri – Mon). The seminar will feature Noguchi Hideo Sensei 8th Dan Iaido from Japan as well as other instructors visiting from Japan. We will also have Jodo instruction Friday evening, and an additional Iaido training Monday morning this year.

Visiting Instructors:
Noguchi, Hideo Kyoshi 8th Dan Iaido
Aoki, Shigehiro Kyoshi 7th Dan Iaido
Suzuki, Kaoru Kyoshi 7th Dan Iaido

Friday September 26th, 2014
7:00 PM – 9:00PM Jodo / Iaido Training

Saturday September 27th, 2014
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Iaido Seminar
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Iaido Seminar

Sunday September 28th, 2014
9:00AM – 12:00PM Iaido Tournament
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Lunch
1:00PM – 5:00PM Iaido Seminar

Monday September 29th, 2014
10:00AM – 2:00PM Iaido Training
@ Washington Shotokan

Friday – Sunday:
Rain City Fencing Center, located at 1776 136th Pl NE, Bellevue, WA 98005

Washington Shotokan, located at 12754 Bel-Red Rd, Bellevue, WA 98005

Deadlines / Cost:
A flat fee of $100.00 will be charged for all participants attending the seminar. Lunch is available for an additional fee of $9.00 per day. Please make checks payable to the “Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation”. All applications and fees need to reach Brian Blomquist at the below address by Monday September 22nd.

Download the application, tournament rules and information here.

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Kenyu – June/July 2014

Kenyu logo

Volume 28, number 6/7

June/July 2014


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