4 Dan Shinpan Reporting


Shinpan Requirements for Kendo 4th Dan Promotion Exams & Reporting Form


Download and print out this form. Take it with you to shinpan seminars and taikais and have court judges sign off on your shinpan floor time.

All PNKF 3 dans wishing to test for 4 dan in PNKF must complete this form and turn into the Vice President of PNKF before taking their 4 dan exam (with registration forms).

4 Dan applicants must complete at least 4 credits of shinpan floor experience before taking the 4 dan exam.  Credits must be no older than 3 years, one credit is given for each shinpan seminar or full round of taikai experience.  A “full round” is considered to be one complete rotation, 6-9 matches in length.