2019 Membership Agreement

To become a PNKF member, you must register with AUSKF/PNKF and pay the annual fees. You must also review, agree to, and sign Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation’s Membership Agreement (Agreement).

For information about registering with AUSKF/PNKF, please contact your dojo’s membership administrator.

You may review and electronically sign the Agreement at https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/f3zhgthxkrv3ht4frkemn3/web/. By going to the this site, completing an electronic version of the Agreement, and electronically signing the Agreement, you consent to conduct that transaction and become a PNKF member by electronic means. You are not required to complete the Agreement by electronic means, but this is provided for your convenience.

If you do not wish to complete the transaction by electronic means, then you must obtain, agree to, sign, and return a paper version of the Agreement. Click here for an electronic copy to download and print.

2019 PNKF Membership Agreement

You may also obtain a paper version of the Agreement by contacting PNKF’s Treasurer at treasurer@pnkf.org, or by asking for a paper version from your local dojo.